The Schengen area member states:

The Schengen area member states: The holder of this type of visa is not required to have the citizenship of the designated country in order to spend time with their relatives or visiting the designated Schengen country, however such an authorization has its limitations as well

Tourists are allowed to reside in the designated country for the maximum of 3 months/90 days, unless the visa states differently, and you are not allowed to work for such a period of time unless the visa states differently


Tourist Visa (visiting Friends or Relatives)

  • Bank statement (preferably for the last 6 months)
  • In case one doesn’t have a bank account, relatives need to sign an “official affidavit of support” at the corresponding office in his/her place of residence. Should you carry the original document when applying for the visa.
  • The applicant's description of their trip, the purpose of traveling, the time frame, and all the personal dates written down in a letter
  • Income tax returns for the last three years
  • Appointment letter
  • Proof of legal entity of the company
  • A reference letter from the employer
  • In case the applicant is the owner of the company he/she is working for, the business registration, tax returns, and the latest bank statement are to be attached
  • The plane ticket reservation (One shall buy the ticket after getting the visa, as recommended).
  • Other documents, specified by the visa subtype

Visiting Relatives/Friends

  • If the Schengen visa applicant declares that he/she will be covering all the travel expenses, proof of one’s financial status is requested otherwise if the relative/friend is to cover the applicant's expenses, a formal document issued by the competent authorities to a resident of a Schengen country (the friend/relative in this case) is to be submitted.
  • The formal invitation by the relative/friend residing in a Schengen visa countries.
  • If the applicant will be covering the expenses on his/her own, the relatives/friend's name, addresses, and a copyof their passport will suffice. In case that the friend/relative is not a citizen of this Schengen country, schengen visa requirement would be the copy of the residency permit.

Tourist Travel (No visit to any relatives/friends)

  • The applicant's bank statement (preferably for the last 6 months)
  • The detailed itinerary of the traveling days in the Schengen Zone, hotel reservations, or a formal invitation letter by a resident of a Schengen country.

Depending on the embassy/consulate that you will be applying to, they might require additional documents to assure the request and the information are genuine, as for example, some embassies/consulates require a certificate that proves you have no legal issues pending or a criminal record. As, you must personally hand the documentation at the previously made appointment (as usually it is required), the person in charge at the embassy/consulate will notify you if there is any additional documentation needed and the nature of that documentation.

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