Canada have 10 Provinces and 3 territories.

The ten provinces are Alberta, British Columbia, Monitoba, New Brunswick, NewFoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia,ontario,Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan

Canada Consist of the worlds largest proportion of fresh water lakes result in marine life and natural Resources. Canada have world largest economy in 2015 , Result in great Migration for other countries . Canada is religiously diverse, encompassing a wide range of beliefs and customs.

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Canada Permanent Resident Federal Skilled Workers

Canada Immigration allows immigrants across the world to enter and settle in Canada permanently and enjoy the rights and privileges in the country without being its citizen.

Benefits of Canada permanent resident visa

Receive most social benefits that Canadian citizens receive,

  • including health care coverage
  • Live, work or study anywhere in Canada.
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Get protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

There are many categories to choose apply PR for Canada. They are:-

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • PNP programs

Canada Express Entry(Permanent Resident/Economic Class / Skilled Migrant)

Canada has now introduced the Express Entry system from January 1st 2015.

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • PNP programs

Those who have one year of skilled work experience are eligible to apply to migrate to Canada under this program. It is a great opportunity for those looking to work & settle in Canada. We encourage applicants to apply immediately as we anticipate this to become one of the world’s most popular immigration programs!


Nominated an occupation that is on the relevant skilled occupation list
Nominated by an Canadan state or territory government agency

  • Skills assessment for that occupation
  • Age Limit
  • Achieved the score specified
  • English competent .


  • Earn in dollars.
  • Relocate in less time period .
  • Healthcare & retirement benefits.
  • Avail of free education for children.
  • Sponsor your relatives to join you in Canada.
  • Live, work and study in any Canadian province or territory.

Canadian passport allows you to travel visa free to a number of countries.

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