Look out for these High Paying ‘In demand’ jobs in the UK

Jobs in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the most renowned and developed destinations in the world. It has established itself as a global leader and a very eye-catching destination over the last two decades. The quality of life and world-class infrastructure is what makes the UK a go-to destination for Study, Jobs, and travel. The overall UK is a complete package with some added benefits.  

Quality of life is something that everyone craves after putting in years of blood and sweat. The UK undoubtedly provides a lot of opportunities in the short and the long term that certainly pays off the time and money invested there. In light of the immigration policy provided by the government, it is important to abide by the rules regarding skilled labor and work visas. We take a look at the most sought after jobs in the UK that will certainly be in demand and provide a handsome salary.

10. Accountant: (Average Salary £20K- 30K)

The skills of accounting involve a lot of data, information, and finance management. For any small or big business, it must be monitored and recorded by a good accountant. It also involves dealing with a large amount of data and finance-related knowledge. The job of an accountant might not look fancy, but it certainly has a lot of scopes and it pays off well.

9. Graphic Designer: (Average Salary £20K- 40K)

In the era of digital marketing and advertisement at a rise, there a huge need for graphic designers that can design templates, edit images, and apply motion graphics. This job has a long-term scope with a lot of job prospects in the UK as companies look to hire talented and creative graphic designers.

8. Business Analyst: (Average Salary £30K- 40K)

The job of a Business analyst involves analyzing, assessing, standardizing, and improving the business. It also involves diversifying risk and looking at the multipurpose approach to create revenue and profit. A lot of companies hire Business Analyst to make sure that their business plan is rock solid and offers a lot of benefits for someone with a good business mindset.

7. Chef: (Average Salary £20K- 30K)

If the quality and taste are good, food is one of the things where people do not hesitate to spend their money. In the UK people spend a considerable amount of money to enjoy a variety of local and international cuisines. So any person migrating with the right set of skills will enjoy a lot of success in local, international restaurants and long cruises.

6. Engineer: (Average Salary £40K- 50K)

Engineering is a field that has been around for a long time and it has paid off for the people having talent in the specific field. Mechanical, Software, Civil, and Aviation are some of the fields where engineers have a successful career. Starting with a beginner’s position, engineers go on to top management positions. It is a job that will pay very well and offer a lot of future opportunities.

5. Data Analyst: (Average Salary £40K- 50K)

Data is the most important and valuable aspect of today’s life. Dealing with large sets of data, data extraction, data analysis, and data representation is some of the required skills that a Data analyst must possess. In the era where programming languages have become very common and necessary, the role of data analyst has been developed as one of the most sought after and high paying jobs.

4. Project/ Operations Manager: (Average Salary £40K- 50K)

A project is successful when it is completed by the right method, with the right amount of resources and completed at the right time. Whether small, big, private, or corporate every project requires a good manager to make sure that the project runs successfully. In the UK a lot of companies hire operations personnel in the long term and short term to complete existing and new projects. The project managers are paid extremely well and have good job security offered by the contracts. It is one of the fields you really can learn and have a successful career.

3. Lawyers: (Average Salary £30K- 50K)

To stay in the market legally and survive in this competitive environment, big companies spend a lot of money to stay out of legal trouble and handle day to day legal work. This is where they need a good corporate lawyer which assures the legal status of the company stays intact. In addition to this, government lawyers, legal consultants, and advisors are some of the areas where lawyers find a successful career. Lawyers rank among the top paid professions where income goes on increasing with experience.

2. Healthcare Jobs: (Average Salary £30K- 50K)

In the next decade, healthcare will stand as a very important sector which will be in high demand not only in the UK but in the world. As seen in recent circumstances, healthcare jobs aren’t just related to doctors or ward boys, but it also employs engineers, researchers, and many other people from different fields.

There is an urgent need for good healthcare infrastructure that can serve the needs of a large population. These jobs do carry a considerable risk but they are extremely essential as the world has realized the need for a good healthcare system. The fields such as Surgeons, professional doctors, nurses, and health experts are needed right now and will stay in demand for another decade. The payment varies according to the designation, experience, and need.

1. CS Jobs (Average Salary £40K- 60K)

We know for a fact that technology, AI, and Machine learning are here and it is here to stay. Technology is a need of the hour and will change the entire job spectrum and scenario for almost every field. Coding, programming, data analysis have become basic requirements for almost every job. Careers in web development, app development, and software development have seen huge growth and success.

Setting up online websites, cybersecurity has become extremely important as the Internet is being used now is more than ever and it is expected to increase. The rise of IoT, e-commerce, and cloud-based technologies have paved the way for a successful career in the IT sector. Non-circuit fields need to possess knowledge regarding CS branches and those already working in the CS field have been very successful. Tech startups are also on the rise and considered as the best way to become an entrepreneur. In addition to experience, these jobs are more importantly based on skillset and practical knowledge and are paid accordingly.

So, these are some of the jobs that are set to dominate the UK job market and working in any of these fields will surely pay off. All these jobs certainly pay above the minimum required threshold for a UK visa.

Most of these jobs depend upon the experience and skill set possessed by the individual. The most important thing remains to be a job sponsorship which is needed beforehand. Some exceptions are made in certain sectors that rank under the shortage of occupation category with a separate set of rules.


Some high paying jobs in the UK which do not require a Degree. Please note the Salary is approximate, it might change according to the market requirement, area, and period:

  • Air Traffic Controller:

Beginners Salary – (£18-20K)

Salary with experience and certifications – (£25-30k)

  • Manager (Construction, IT, etc.):

Beginners Salary – (£15-20K)

Salary with experience – (£25-30K)

  • Recruitment Consultant

Beginners Salary- (£15-18K)

Salary increase depends upon commission earned for successful recruitments- Uncapped

  • Business to Business Sales:

Beginners Salary – (£15-18K)

Salary increase depends upon increased sales – (40-50K)

Estate Agent

Beginners Salary- (£12-15K)

Salary increase depends upon commission increase- uncapped

These are some good-paying jobs in the UK that do not require a degree, but these jobs do not match the minimum basic threshold but with experience and certifications, these jobs pay well. Success in any field is completely dependent upon work ethic and effort. In a country like the UK with so many opportunities if you work hard enough, by working at any job you can write your own success story.

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