Top 10 pro tips to fast track your hunt for jobs in Canada

Job Applicant In Canada

Landing a job in Canada can make your immigration plan all the way easier. Candidates go head over heels for jobs in Canada and those efforts are worth Canada work visa.

Having a job offer is a requirement of many Canadian immigration programs. Even for the iconic “express entry system”, a job offer can give a generous hike of 600 CRS points. Long story short, having a job in Canada plays a pivotal role, in backing both your immigration and finances.

Here are 10 amazing tips to accelerate your job hunt and bring your Canada dreams to life.

1. Hire An Agency

Hiring a reputable agency for the recruitment of international workers lessens your load tenfold. An authoritative agency has connections with Canadian companies. A good agency can open an insightful door of jobs in Canada for you. This crucial bridge of agency can land you the most suitable job in Canada.

2. Search Companies Online

Jobs in Canada are widely approachable from the comfort of your home. There are numerous Canadian job platforms where you can go on the company’s website and directly apply online. However, see to it that they are open to hiring international workers.

3. Embrace References

Having contact reference numbers in your resume is a plus point. Your future employers may want to know more about yourself from a third party. Therefore, allowing access to references will give them a clear view of your character overall.

4. Make a Resume That Fits In Canadian Convention

You might have a ready resume that you want to push through for Canadian job offers. However, Canadian employers are accustomed to the different formats of resumes. Make sure your resume is optimized specifically as per the employer’s demand.

5. Know What You Are Getting Yourself Into

If you want to join a company you must know what the company is all about. Skimming through their websites, reading previous or currently working employees will give you more personal proximity with the company. This is not only beneficial in designing resumes but writing a good cover letter too. Needless to say, while applying, you will be using the skills and expectations they seek to your advantage.

6. Get Your Linked In Alive And Kicking

If you haven’t been updating your linked in, now’s the right time to do it. Many employers will have a look at your Linked In profile to professionally review your achievements.

7. Apply On Time 

According to a study of Workopolis, most employers post new job opportunities on Tuesday from 11:30 to 12:30. This makes it the prime time to stay alert and be one of the first candidates to apply for a job.

8. Don’t Oversee Regional Areas

The Canadian workflow is opening newer opportunities in small cities as well. Thus completely disregarding opportunities from small cities will put you on the downfall.

9. Get Work Permit Canada

A work permit allows you to work temporarily in Canada. Without a Canadian work permit, you may not be able to work in Canada.

10. Be Ready for International Calls

International job interviews occur online. It would be the first time you’ll virtually see your future recruiter. At all costs, you don’t want to give a bad impression at your first meeting with (possibly) your employer or HR.

Ensure your headphones work with fine audio quality, and the camera of your device has good picture quality. You can cross-check both of these things by calling your friend on the concerned platform.

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