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Study in UK

Studying abroad is always an unforgettable experience and to study in the UK is always a dream. The Visa and immigration process completely depends on proper planning, collecting the latest information, following all the rules and sticking to proper timeline. It is important to start planning and finding out every piece of relevant information about your ‘Dream’ study destination.

Students find a lot of success by studying in the world-class universities in the UK. Most of the universities are globally recognized and they pave the way of a bright future. The UK government welcomes international students whole heartedly and the recent changes in the system and Visa extension is set to attract a lot of talented students.

Most of the student visa’s to Study in UK get successfully approved given an excellent and hassle free system provided by the government as well as the college, but the students must make sure that they are aware of all the policies, rules and possess the relevant documents that are required before and after their arrival in the UK.

The Course commencement date, duration and intake period are the one of the most important factors that directly affects the application process as each and every step revolve around these major factors specifically.

Start your process ‘on time’

A Tier4 visa is the most common way for International students to enter the UK. The visa application is generally approved within 3 weeks, there is also provision for ‘Priority’ and ‘Super Priority’ services which can be used for getting a visa within ten days working days and one day respectively, however there are considerable charges applicable to avail this service. Visa is generally approved if all documents are in order but in some cases an interview may be conducted before the approval.

It is always recommended starting the Visa application process at least 2 months before the commencement of classes. A student can enter UK one month before the course starts (if the course duration is more than 6 months).

September is when the intake process starts for the most popular in demand courses, followed by June and January for some other courses. However, the intake period and process might vary depending upon the course and the country you are residing at. 

Students can work part-time while they study, the job can be either inside the university or any other eligible job for students. Students can work up to 20 hours/week during the semester and full time during the vacations. A lot of international students work part time during their semester to earn some extra cash or to gain experience which adds extra weight to the Resume when they are looking for a job after their education. 

List of important documents required for Students:

  • Valid Passport
  • Conformation of Acceptance of Studies or CAS (will be required before the Visa application starts)
  • Financial Proofs (must be at least 28 days old)
  • Proof of English proficiency (IELTS or high marks in English during higher education)
  • Criminal records certificate
  • Parents/ Guardian consent letter (if applicant is under 18 years)
  • Separate and proper documents will be required for dependents.

Who can accompany you in Short and Long term?

Dependents are allowed only with students pursuing course in Master’s. In case of higher education and Undergraduate courses dependents won’t be allowed. For students, proofs of fees payment for the course and living cost, both must be provided whereas only financial proofs pertaining to living cost must be provided for each dependent separately. Dependents can work full time during the stay and their kids can study in UK schools.

If the student is able to secure a job in UK after the Master’s program, entire family (dependents and kids) will be eligible for extension of 2 years. After two years, if the credit score is above par, there are no criminal records and if the person is able to match the minimum salary threshold and has sufficient funds, PR status can be easily availed. The government of UK encourages talented and hardworking people to migrate, study, work, enjoy a good quality of life and contribute to UK economy as well.

Happy to Help:

It is important to stay updated with the latest information provided by the UK government. I you have any doubts pertaining to Students Visas or Immigration you can always contact our team at Cosmos Immigration and we will be happy to help you with our services for a successful application.

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