Canada’s Upcoming Top 10 High In Demand Jobs For Immigrants In 2023

10 high demand jobs in Canada

While planning immigration to a new country, the first thing you should know about is the job market in that country. Securing a job lessens your financial burden when you move to a new country. Getting a job becomes challenging when there is a very less requirement of your skillset in the job market. 

Thus, it is important that you research the professions that are in demand in your dream country. In this article, we have listed the top 10 high demand jobs in Canada. You can either migrate to Canada on a work visa or start working after getting a Canada work permit. 

1. Sales Representative 

Sales Representative is one famous profession in Canada. To work in this profession, you need to have superior communication and convincing skills. With the huge demand for sales representatives there are nearly 9,000 openings for this profession. If you are looking forward to work in this profession, you can expect a pay scale of $52,000 CAD to $64,000 CAD. 

Some categories under this profession according to the NOC (National Occupational Classification) list are:-

  • Retail Sales supervisor
  • Insurance agents and brokers
  • Financial Sales representative

2. Accountant 

Next on the list, we have an accountant, which is in demand for immigration. Accountants play a vital role in the maintenance of records and books. They make sure that every single penny is accounted for and keep a check on the expenses. The most interesting part of this profession is that you will get to large sums of money. This profession pays around $63,000 CAD to $75,000 CAD.

3. Engineering Project Manager

Canada is growing exponentially, and it requires project managers to orchestrate this growth. A project manager is the most respectable and highest-paying profession in Canada. It pays anywhere from around $74,000 CAD to $92,000 CAD.

4. Business Analyst 

This booming profession has seen a tremendous surge in its demand. This job requires you to study business and the market. You should then analyze and come up with statistics and strategies for the business. This pays you $73,000 CAD to $87,000 CAD.

5. Information Technology Project Manager 

This field in the industry is driven by the innovation of technology. If you are at par with the technology and think it can bring changes to it, then it is for you. This position requires that you head a team manage their targets, and mee the deadlines of your project. You will be paid around $90,000 CAD to $1,14,000 CAD.

6. Software Engineer

If you are skilled with different types of programming languages, this profession is for you. Your responsibility as a software will be to code applications to enhance the quality of the existing technology. This may be a stressful job but pays handsomely around $83,000CAD to $99000CAD. 

7. Recruitment Specialist 

Recruitment Specialists help an organization to hire deserving and worthy candidates for all job positions in a company. A recruitment specialist can make the company reach new heights by hiring candidates after assessing their skills. This profession pays you around $59,000 CAD to $71,000 CAD. 

8. Accountant Manager 

The growth of an organization depends on the right management of the company’s funds. Management of the company’s accounts is necessary for its future ventures. This job pays between $75,000 CAD to $92,000 CAD.

9. Nurses

Canada has a very good health care system and senior care services. All this requires a large number of nurses. A nurse is paid around $36 CAD on average, and some are even paid $41 CAD per hour.

10. Truck Drivers 

Last but not least we have truck drivers on the list. Truck driving is one of the most famous fields of work in Canada. Its long roads and beautiful scenery make it one of the most enjoyed professions. Though this sounds fun you need to now that you need to have high level driving skills as driving in snow can be hard. Truck drivers are paid $31 CAD per hour. 

These are the top 10 high demand jobs in Canada that you should consider for immigration. If you don’t see your profession or skills in the above list, don’t worry, there are more than 3000 professions in Canada many of those invite immigrants. Make sure to consult an immigration specialist if you want to migrate to Canada on a Canada work visa. 

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