Top 15 high paying and career-building jobs in Canada for new immigrants

Software Professional At Job In Canada

Canada is the go-to country for immigration for its comfortable accommodation and standard lifestyle. However, living in Canada comes with a productive give-and-take of services and products. To be able to make your Canadian immigration a successful one, you must know where Canada’s labor market needs are high and low. This is essential to know for those who want to get a job in Canada. 

If you want to live in Canada and be successful and stable, you need to find the employment prospects and calculate the lifestyle the job can afford you. High-paying jobs in Canada undergo constant modification. Expectedly this year too, a different set of jobs are in highlight. Let’s take a look at the top 15 high-paying job opportunities for new Canadian immigrants.

1. Web developers

Canada offers an average salary of $69,305 to web developers. Similar domains that may have similar demand are search engine optimization specialists

2. Human Resources Managers (HR managers)

HRs who are responsible for hiring new talent for the benefit of the company are yet other professionals to get higher pay. The average salary that an HR manager gets is around $89,003.

3. Veterinarians 

Veterinary care is strongly in demand even after the covid-19 outburst. Their average salary being $95,804, a licensed and well-educated vet can have a blooming career in Canada.

4. Pharmacist

Especially with the arrival of the corona pandemic, the importance of pharmacists has only been underlined. Aspiring pharmacists must have a degree from an approved institution. They must also pass the exam conducted by PEBC (Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada). Being one of the highest-paid jobs in Canada on average pharmacists earn up to $45 per hour.

5. Welder

Welders with an apprenticeship or vocational training or both can fulfill their Canada dreams with a salary up to $73,504.

6. Financial advisors

In the era of money management, financial advisors are playing a crucial role. They can earn up to $62,971 if successfully recruited in Canada.

7. Administrative assistants

This is one of the high-demand Canada jobs. The administrative assistant’s job includes providing insightful support to concerned professionals in accounting and clerical jobs. They are awarded a salary of up to $45, 927

8. Drivers

Canada’s current labor market demand indicates the need for commercial drivers. The average salary of drivers is $44,836.

9. Project managers

Project managers are seen in numerous domains from engineers to marketing. Especially, project managers with immense experience in handling several projects are in demand. Project managers, on average, get paid $91,425.

10. Nurse (registered nurse)

Canada has a huge demand for registered nurses who hold bachelor’s degree and are formally registered with a nursing territorial and regulatory authority. On average nurses can earn as much as $77,603 per month.

11. Lecturers and Professors

Lecturers and professors averagely earn $83,584 and $100,300 respectively. Being a lecturer or professor can come with extra benefits from many Canadian universities. 

12. Software engineers 

Coding has been in top demand jobs for years. Therefore the demand for software engineers continues to stay on top. With an average salary of $100, 562, software engineers can surely earn a highly paid job.

13. Industrial Electrician

With an average salary of $83,671, industrial electricians have been recruited at a high-demand pace given their increasing importance.

14. Business development manager

Business development managers earn $84,003 on average. Business development managers have a crucial role in assisting sales staff and closing the deals. 

15. Account managers

Canada has a high demand for account managers for an average salary of $85,104. This need has been observed in diverse industries. Not only account managers are required to build a healthy client relationship but also to utilize their skills in CRM software and specialization in sales. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for workers in essential services is rising. If you want to live in Canada and be successful and stable, you need to find the employment prospects and calculate the lifestyle the job can afford you. 

The job market in Canada is pretty tight. It’s tough to find a job, especially in the big cities where there is neck to neck competition. With the right information and little luck, you’ll find a job you’d like. Here’s where our CosmosImmigration experts help you make the right decisions and settle in your dream country! Set up an appointment today and we’ll answer all your questions!

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