Why Denmark for Education?

Denmark Education

Once Danish people were famously known as “Brutal Vikings” but in this era of Industrialization, Technology, and development, Denmark certainly leads the way for Europe and they have their Education system to thank for it. Denmark has made a huge impact on the World with its education system. The country has one of the best education systems in the world as it believes that education is the most important way of nurturing and molding kids and the young generation for a bright future.

In a study conducted back in 2018, the literacy rate in Denmark stood at 99% in Men and Women. This achievement is a result of the well-implemented, closely monitored, and comprehensive education system which starts right from Pre-school and goes beyond Post-graduation. It has certainly contributed towards the Danish economy and the overall development of Denmark.

The Education system in Denmark

Most of the schools in Denmark have 2 types of Curriculum that are

-IB (International Baccalaureate) and

-IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

The top 5 schools in Denmark are

Copenhagen International School (IB);

Aarhus International School (IB); 

The Technical University of Denmark;

Bjorn’s International School (IGCSE) and

Herlufsholm School (IB).

Danish is the language of teaching in public schools, in the case of international schools teaching in English begins from the second grade. Denmark is a country that is heavily involved in the import business therefore English is spoken all over the country and it is a result that many schools use English as the mode of communication and learning after a certain grade. Completing education from an IB school is generally preferred by expiates because it increases the chances of getting admitted to the International University for Higher education.

Denmark offers free education to all school-aged children (between ages 6-16); this contributes towards higher enrollment of students and ensures that all children receive basic education which will help them learn, grow and be successful. The education system is divided into different levels; it starts with the kinder garden which might be wrapped up by some Preschool training, it is then followed by the 10 years of compulsory education. Up to this level, the education system is the same for all over Denmark, beyond this some students decide to take a gap year and some students decide to go for high school which lasts for about 2-3 years.

The kinder garden system which is run privately by many individual entities provides a lot of help to the Danish education system. It encourages parents to enroll their students early which can be very beneficial to the child as they get used to learning at a very small age. Enrolling begins at the age of 3. Once they reach the third and final year kinder garden, they might receive some Pre-school training and they can enroll for 10 years of compulsory education at the age of six. The schooling years are divided into two parts; the first is the Primary and Lower Secondary followed by Upper Secondary Education. In addition to Science, Math, and Language students are taught skill development activities, problem-solving skills, and methods, presentation skills. This is a versatile and diverse approach is what separates the Danish education system from the rest of the world.

The Aftermath

Once the compulsory schooling years are completed some students opt for Vocational education and training. Here the subjects include Health care, Administration, Agriculture and hospitality, Technology, and transportation. More than 65% of students enroll for Higher education that lasts between 2-3 years which opens the way for further studies such as Undergraduate Degree and Postgraduate Degrees.

Denmark is one of the countries in the world which is often regarded as the best for schooling given its well planned and diverse education system. It helps students to find their talent and strength which paves the way for a successful future. In addition to this, the under and Postgraduate degrees are extremely good which attracts top companies from the world. The top-class education system is why people migrate and settle in Denmark.

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