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Ultimate Guide On How To Immigrate to Canada in 2022

Immigration to Canada is a dream of many people. While some of them are lucky enough to fulfill this dream of theirs, some are unfortunate and are held back. One of the many reasons that people do not get to fulfill their dream of migrating to Canada is no access to proper information and resources. There are many ways using which a person can migrate to Canada in today’s time. In this blog, we have listed out all the possible pathways that can take you to Canada and fulfill your dream. Keep reading, as this might serve as your ultimate guide to Canadian immigration. 

1. Express Entry 

The Express Entry immigration pathway is the main pathway that can take you to Canada. The express entry not only has its own individual application, but also controls applications coming under the following programs: Canadian Experience Class (CECC), Federal Skilled Worker Program, and Federal Skilled Trades Program. Apart from these, the express entry also manages applications of some of the provincial nominee programs, although many provinces have their own application system. The express entry works using a point-based system. Under this system, an applicant is awarded points if he falls under different categories. More the points the applicant gets, the more the chances of him being picked in the draw. 

2. Quebec immigration

You may be wondering how Quebec, which is a province, ended up on this list? Well, to answer that Quebec is a fairly large province and the majority of natives are French-speaking population. Considering the unique features of Quebec, it came up with its own immigration program. This immigration program is for people who specifically speak French. The Quebec immigration program has 3 major categories, and to qualify under any one of them, you must prove you have good knowledge of the French language. If you do apply in any of these programs, you get a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) issued by the Ministère de l’Immigration. This CSQ will help you apply to the Quebec immigration program. 

3. Provincial Nominee Program

A Provincial Nominee Program can be used as a pathway by two types of people, one who did not qualify under the Express Entry program or the one who wants to increase their points to multiply their chances to be picked in the Express Entry program. Every province in Canada, except Quebec and Nunavut, has its own provincial nominee program. A provincial nominee program is a uniquely structured immigration program that caters to the needs of the province’s labor and economic demands. To choose this pathway for your immigration, you have to establish a connection to the province. This can be in the form of a job offer letter for that province or a university acceptance letter from that province. 

4. Family Sponsorship

If any of the above immigration programs don’t work out for you, the alternative for you will be to get a sponsorship from one of your family members. Canada gives its permanent residents and citizens an option to sponsor their family members. Although this option is limited to parents and grandparents, in some exceptional cases, you will be able to sponsor other family members as well. You must be medically fit and must have no criminal record you must have a police clearance certificate. A spouse can also sponsor his partner, but you might have to make the officer believe that you are married and will be married even after you get a visa or a PR. 

These are the 4 horsemen of Canadian immigration and these are considered to be some of the best pathways to migrate to Canada. They can surely get you to Canada, and will also put you on the path to Permanent Residentship. 

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