How to send your academic records to WES electronically in a few simple steps


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought changes in traveling rules, medical processes, etc. and the education system is no exception. As the world slowly recovers from this long battle, there are a lot of new methods being adopted by universities for teaching, conducting exams, and in the admission process as well. A large number of institutions are issuing academic records in electronic or digital format which is now being accepted worldwide as sending physical documents is not possible in the current scenario. World Education Services acknowledges these new methods and accepts digital or electronic documents sent from verified and secure electronic sources.

Students who want to migrate to Canada from Dubai and other countries can use WES to evaluate and advocate for the recognition of international education qualifications.

Try to gather more information about using the electronic option and use this method if possible. WES may be able to accept your documents even if institutions don’t support this method currently. Sending these documents and getting them verified by WES will ease the process for immigration, not only for Dubai but also for other students from the world.

Sharing Your Documents with WES

In order to grant WES access to digital documents, visiting the institution’s website and Required Documents list is very important. Sharing the documents generally depends upon the institution that is issuing them, but there are 3 methods for sharing these documents. 

Online Platform

Exchange Network


  • Online Platform

Using an online platform for sharing documents is one of the most common ways. The academic institution either uses a third party or has its own online platform to issue your documents. These documents are generally issued in an electronic certified PDF format. 

Follow these steps to share these documents online:

Log in to your account that is associated with an online platform.

In the drop-down menu select WES as a recipient of your electronic documents.

WES retrieves and then proceeds with evaluation, once they receive the link which allows access to your documents. Documents are considered official only if they are sent directly via an official online platform or through a third-party platform.

  • Exchange Network

The document exchange network is the result of an agreement between WES and the institutions that issues the documents. This secure network enables institutions to directly transmit documents to WES. Ask your institution to use this network in order to transfer your documents to WES if they have an agreement with WES. Currently, the exchange network exists between WES and more than 90 international institutions.

  • Email

For security and authentication purposes, WES does not accept electronic documents attached in an email. Documents will be accepted only if they are sent through an official email and if there is an agreement with the institution. WES has this agreement with a limited number of institutions only.

Please remember these points while sending your documents to WES

  • Check whether your institution allows you to electronically send your documents.
  • Carefully follow the instructions provided by the institution or the third party provider on the website.
  • Include your reference number with your electronic documents if possible.
  • Do not add a PIN or an expiry date to your documents.
  • Please don’t share your personal login credentials with WES.
  • ⮚      Only use the official email address to send your electronic documents, don’t use a personal email address.

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