CELPIP vs. IELTS: Which Should You Choose for a Canada Visa?

CELPIP vs. IELTS: Which Should You Choose for a Canada Visa?

To get your passport stamped with a Canada visa, there are many eligibility requirements that you must satisfy. But the most essential step for the Canadian visa is to get a qualifying score in an English proficiency exam. The score you get in this exam will lay the foundation for your Canadian visa. Your profile will be assessed based on this score. People often get confused about which exam they should write, with a variety of them in the market. The most famous exams that people go for are the CELPIP and the IELTS exam. If you are also confused about which exam you should write among these two, then read this article. This will give you a complete idea of which test to pick among the two.


First, let us lay out all the major differences that there are between the two English proficiency exams. 

  • IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, and CELPIP stands for Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. 
  • If you want to travel to international countries to study and work, you must take the IELTS, as many countries accept it, whereas CELPIP is mainly for candidates who want to get a Canadian PR or citizenship. 
  • IELTS has two types of tests, IELTS general (To work in an English-speaking country) and IELTS academic (For a study visa in a foreign country). 
  • The two types of CELPIP tests are CELPIP general (For Canadian PR) and CELPIP general-LS (For Canadian Citizenship)
  • The training material for CELPIP cannot be found easily, and the totally trusted material can be found on the official website. While IELTS study material can be found very easily, there are many private institutes that offer coaching for IELTS. 
  • CELPIP has limited test centers, whereas IELTS has many test centers spread across the country. 


Now let’s take a look at all the similarities between the two tests

  • Both tests are designed to test the English skills of the candidate 
  • Both IELTS and CELPIP test the candidate’s English skills in 4 areas that are speaking, writing, listening, and reading. 
  • Both exams qualify the candidate to apply for a Canadian Permanent Residency
  • You can get a great score in both the exams if you prepare in the right way
  • The study material for IELTS and CELPIP can be found in both offline and online mode 

These are some of the major similarities and differences between the IELTS and CELPIP exams. Both exams are equally difficult and equally important to progress further in your life. Many differences and similarities can be drawn between the two exams, but you must make your choice wisely. You must first sort your priorities, and then pick the test you want to take. If your goal is only Canada, PR, or citizenship, then you must take the CELPIP exam. If you are just starting out and applying for a visa then IELTS will be the right choice for you. Whatever exam you pick for your Canada visa, you will find many trained professionals that can steer you in the direction to get a great score. 

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