Learning the French Language An Added Advantage for Canada Immigration

Learning French Cosmos Immigration

Being capable of communicating well in French is better in Canada for an immigrant, and offers you the competitive edge over somebody who only speaks one language. As the country with 2 official languages, Canada offers a lot of opportunities for those skilled immigrants who are proficient in French and English. There are also other benefits to working on language skills after and before arriving in the country. In case you speak French as fluently as English, you will more conveniently be capable of accessing social as well as other services and integrate into the Canadian culture. 

  • You will qualify for the better-quality jobs if you are someone who speaks French along with English as well as you will have a lot of time taking care of the tasks like socializing, shopping, as well as other regular concerns because you can interact well with other locals. 
  • With a robust Government mandate, as well as companies consistently seeking those employees who are capable of interacting in French, this is the high time for you to learn French so that as an immigrant, you can blend well in the country.  
  • Look for any other free resources which will guide you develop communication skills. 
  • In case you are bilingual, you are free to choose between jobs that are available only in French or in English. 

French is Canada’s one of the official languages and majorly about every province in the country has it as their mother tongue. The percentage of people who can’t speak this language is relevantly less. Bilingual needs are causing a great priority even to the Express Entry program regardless of the 4 provinces. For all the immigrant job seekers out there, English and French language bilingualism is the key that will reward the applicant additional points. Canada’s federal government has the greatest number of Bilingual workers. 

Communicating with the client in their first language will make things more conversant as well as sail smooth the operating processes. Fortunately, French language learning is accessible to a million learners at Canada’s cultural institute. Being bilingual enhances your opportunities in the job search. As per the statistics, knowing about more than a language enhances the chances you have within the job industry. Whether this is because the workplace requires somebody who can get into touch with a specific community or they have the particular requirement for the language-based service (i.e., translation and interpretation services), French skills can become significant in these situations. 

  • You will be capable of broadening the job search to any province, offering yourself a better chance to more instantly look for a satisfactory position. 
  • Being bilingual is also better for the brain as the ability to speak more than a single language is true for a lot of skilled immigrants who settle down in the country. So, it is imperative for cultivating that capability, because it may also be good for the brain. 

Immerse yourself as much as you can

You will learn English or French more in case you get yourself surrounded by the work and language at it daily. You can do the same in case you – 

  • Read French or English magazines and newspapers, particularly Canadian content. Also, you will learn a lot more about Canadian politics and culture while working on language skills. 
  • Carry the flashcards with yourself for practicing your vocabulary. 
  • Listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or radio in English or French to better the skills. You can begin with content generated for children as it will be easier to comprehend as well as work the way up to the content that is designed for the adults as you improve. 
  • Try to speak in French and English, even in case you are still learning. 
  • The ability to speak French and English is a benefit at the International market as well as the Canadian Job Bank. 
  • As well as it does not take you long for reaching the benchmark level eligibility.

 Do you know that half of the English Vocabulary is derived from French? This language is the mother tongue of approximately 7.2 million Canadians. That is almost 20% of the population (in comparison to the 56% who speak English, as per the 2016 Census). This would be the asset for you, professionally and socially, for learning at least the basic French. 

It is one of the languages of Canada’s parliament, the federal civil service, and the court system. Learning the French language offers you the independence of working in Canada’s French-speaking parts. The decision of relocating from the city in Canada which you have settled in already might not be a simple choice however you should consider opportunities which might not only better the job prospects, however also the quality of your life. Speaking French ultimately refers to the fact that you are free to work anywhere in the country. 

  • In case you have the required proficiency in French, it becomes more convenient for you to travel throughout the country without any hesitation. 
  • If you at least speak a bit of conversational French along with English, you will be equipped for handling regular language barriers, irrespective of the province you reside in. 
  • A study that is published in 2014 by the Canadian Parents for French displayed that 81% of the supervisors regarded bilingual employees as the asset to their organization. 

Those employees who speak both English and French in Canada are eligible for the bilingualism bonus that is an $800 stipend from the Government. There are a lot of advantages to learning French in Canada. In case you are planning on immigrating to the country, consider studying the language various months before the planned arrival so that you can be fluent when you arrive. Also, you will get several opportunities to begin learning the language once you get settled. In case you can speak French, it will open more doors for you professionally and socially. 

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