New Process Launched: Gain Quebec Residency in Three Simple Steps

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The Immigration process to Quebec is organized in a special way, different from the Government of the country’s selection criteria. Families and individuals who wish to become the economic permanent residents of Canada as well as reside in the location in Quebec’s province, like Montreal, should go through the Quebec immigration system. Regarding the same, Quebec has only announced the new procedure to assist immigrants in achieving permanent residency. This is free to begin the application, as well as you can complete the procedure in 3 steps. 

When the government adopted a new system (through passing the proposal called “Bill 9”), it voided 16,000 current residency applications. Hence, those applicants who might have already waited years for the response had to reapply, effectively beginning the procedure all over again. The new procedure coincided with the overhaul of the immigration policies in the province. 

How to qualify for the residency in Quebec

The new plan of the province prioritizes residency for – 

  • Those skilled immigrants who are ready to work and live outside of the major metropolitan areas (like Quebec City and Montreal)
  • Individuals who are already residing in Quebec
  • People who have already finished work in Quebec
  • Those applicants who arrive with the current job offer

3 steps to apply for the permanent residency in the province

The 3-step procedure is meant for streamlining permanent residency for the skilled immigrants. 

This is how you can apply for residency in the province – 

  1. Application – Submit the “expression of interest” through the online portal that will be free of cost. 
  2. Invitation – In case the application qualifies, you might get an invitation for formally applying for the residency (CAD $60 processing charges). 
  3. Selection – The points-based “selection grid” assesses application criteria, like whether you have the job offer, the proficiency in French and English, as well as in case you work or live already in the province (6-months processing time). 

Selection factors in Point Grid

The selection criteria and factors are designed for assessing your professional and social profile (and your spouse’s, in case applicable), as well as help, determine the potential to integrate into the Quebec society and Quebec labor market. 

These are the considered criteria and factors – 

  • Your professional experience
  • The training (area of training and educational level). Only the diplomas acquired before your application’s submission are considered in the attribution of points for the Education level criterion. 
  • The knowledge of English and French
  • Your age
  • Obtaining the permanent employment offer that is validated through the Minister. 
  • The stays in the province as well as the family relationship with the permanent Quebec resident or the Canadian citizen. 
  • The capacity for monetary self-sufficiency (you should sign the contract in which you undertake to satisfy your family’s and your needs for at least the first 3 months following the arrival in the province)
  • Features of the accompanying de facto spouse or spouse in general, in case applicable. 
  • The other factors include several children who are under the age of 22 and will accompany you to the province. 

How do you apply for the Permanent Resident Status

Now, Quebec is accepting applications with the help of a website named Arrima. This digitized system must also help in expediting the procedure. Thereby, the applicants would be capable of receiving the response within just 6 months, instead of the existing 36 months. Also, you could be a strong candidate for the new residency program in case you have the local job offer, already live in the province, or are looking for employment in the rural region. 

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