Tips on Networking – The Important Aspect of the Job Search Process for Immigrants

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Needless to say, networking is a vital aspect of the job search process for any immigrant. It is not only just asking for the job as most likely your networks in the market would not be the prospective employers and they can be your mentors or guide who guide you reach the specific step in the career ladder. However, this is easier said than done for a immigrant who are still trying to adopt the newly exposed culture and people around him. So, now the question arises is that – how can he ace the networking strategy and succeed in the job search procedure? Always remember that you receive, give, and exchange, grow, and learn in the procedure of networking. 

If you are a new immigrant or want to migrate to Canada or any other country, then these top 6 tips on networking will help you in achieving your career goals – 

  1. Know about your requirements – Before you start networking, know exactly what do you want. When you have a specific job or employer’s title in mind, then networking turns out to be the most beneficial strategy for job search. Be particular while connecting to somebody for the job search query. Do not only forward the updated resume leaving the message, “let me know in case you have a vacancy”. If you do the same, then there is a high probability that you may lose the contacts as they rarely have time for responding to usual requests. 
  • Attend the event to connect – Always remember that networking for only the sake of networking does not work, as well as it does not yield outcomes. For instance, even if an event is meant for helping the job seeking Immigrant getting connected with experts in their sector, you must not attend keeping in mind that you will just ask for the favors as well as hand out the resume. The participation must be more about building connections, along with the mutual exchange of information and conversation. 

Try to know the other people who are a part of the event, without only thinking about the end goal. Allow them to get to know you also on a personal level. It may not be apparent at the moment what you can do for each other’s careers, however, it always proves to be helpful to acquire new contacts. Do not forget that everybody is there in the same position, as well as this is the best time for forming a true relationship with somebody who is trying to expand his/her network, just like you. In case you put networking before getting connected with people, an immigrant won’t be able to bond with any group importantly sufficient for them to wish to assist you. 

  • List the people you know – there is a probability that you might think, you do not know many people. However, when you sit down pondering about those people who are in the same industry as you desire to be or grow, you will ultimately realize that you indeed have the big circle, or at least a lot bigger than you think. Look for people from college and school on the online social mediums and include every friend, acquaintance, parents, or friends of parents. You do not know who can guide you when you need help. 
  • “Networking” is not all about “work” – You must attend meetups, workshops, as well as even book the groups to expand the social network. But, in case you enter the groups with the only purpose of attempting to get the job, there is no way that you will fit into that space. If it looks like you have any hidden agenda, then you could come across as the interloper. Attend those events which align with your interests in making sure that you can fit in better as well as get connected with the right people. Not only this will lead you to the correct job opportunities, but it can also guide you form everlasting friendships as well as expand the social circles. 

The best thing to do is networking with the purpose. Generate the mind map of your several interests as well as tailor the networking efforts appropriately. This will offer you something to interact with other people who are a part of the event. As well as, despite the result, you will still spend a memorable time only by attending the event you enjoy. 

5.   Establish relations – You can’t gain out of any relationship in case it is not a give and take process. Contact people as well as aim at establishing relations. You can do the same by – 

  • Being considerate
  • Being authentic
  • Making a particular request
  • By asking for suggestion instead of a job

6.   Be a part of Job Fairs – They are amazing places for meeting like-minded people as well as can assist get the credentials out there. Take out some time to interact briefly with employers and recruiters at the fair who are connected to the company or professional field which you like. Even the brief chat, as well as the handshake, will make you more memorable as compared to any email or phone call. This refers to the fact that you have a high chance of being remembered by the employer when a suitable position gets vacant. 

In case you apply for the job in the long run or follow up on the job fair visit, then they will recall the in-person interaction. If you attend job fairs, never forget that they are the professional environments. So, treat them as you would any formal interview. Make it a point to wear formal shoes and clothes, as well as bring multiple copies of the updated resume. 

As an migrant, you should always remember that successful networking is the in and out street. So, move forward to cultivate mutually advantageous relations. Make sure to always take a step forward as well as send the thank-you note. Also, be polite and ask them about their family as well as you can periodically share the article which you think would interest them. 

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