Do’s and Don’ts during a visa interview

Tips For Visa Interview

The first step in immigration to any country is to get a visa. One of the most challenging things during your visa process is the visa interview. Your interview will determine whether you get a visa approval or visa rejection, and the validity of the visa. To ace your visa interview, you have to keep certain things in mind. In this article, we have listed some do’s and don’ts for visa interviews. Once you qualify the interview you will be eligible for Canada’s migration or to any other country. 


We will first start by taking a look at things you mustn’t do during your visa interview.

1. Expressing Nervousness: – The moment you take up the challenge of studying in a foreign country or pursue a career opportunity, you must be confident. The interviewer can make out that you’re nervous, and that might affect your performance. If you want to hide this expression, you can adapt some breathing exercises and perform mock interviews in front of a mirror. 

2. Accent: – You must avoid a fake or forced accent at any cost. The interviewer is trained in special ways, which allows them to tell the difference between an Indian and a foreign accent. You must keep your natural accent and be clear while communicating. 

3. Avoid Staring: – You must understand there is a fine line between making eye contact and staring. The former is a sign of confidence, and the latter can make a person feel uncomfortable. So never stare in the eyes of the interviewer, maintain eye contact by blinking at regular intervals. 

4. Documents: – Carry all the documents you think are necessary, and that will support your answers in the interview. You must never offer your documents to the examiner unless he asks for them. Usually, the interviewer will not ask for any documents, but to cover every possibility, you must carry your documents and hand them out only when asked. 


Now that you know all the things you mustn’t do during your interview, here are a few things you must do for a successful interview. 

1. Dress: – The first thing the interviewer notices in the candidate is the way he/she is dressed. You are walking into a professional set up which can also be a major career opportunity. Keeping all this in mind, you must dress appropriately. Dress in a simple formal as it will, and don’t overdress while attending an interview. 

2. Posture:- A key aspect of a successful interview is your body language. Your body language tells a lot about your personality. A good body posture will tell you are confident for the interview. Maintain a firm body posture and don’t slouch. 

3. Communication: – As you are traveling to a foreign country, you must take your interview in English. If you take the interview in your native language with a translator by your side, this will raise many doubts about your capability. Also, be clear while speaking to the interviewer. You must avoid using fillers, for example, ‘like’ and ‘i guess’ while speaking, and don’t take long pauses. 

4. Eye contact: – Try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer for as long as your interview lasts. This will make you look confident and add depth to your answers. 

These are the few things you must and mustn’t do during your visa interview. When you take care of all these points, you will ace your interview and your dream of migrating to any country will come true. This 10-15 minute interview will decide your future growth and career opportunities. Once the interviewer keeps your passport, you can sigh with relief, as you will get that visa.

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