7 Most Common Reasons Why Your PR Application Might Get Visa Rejection

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Immigration is an important step in one’s life. Migrating into another country is tracing the path with lengthy procedures and thorough documentation. After all the wait through the Canada visa process, no one is prepared for visa rejection. Visa rejection, in other words, is simply watching your efforts go down the drain. No candidate would want to be rejected for a visa, to have their dreams shattered and they certainly don’t deserve it.

To avoid your PR application efforts from going in vain, let us address the 7 most common reasons for visa rejection and how to prevent them.

1. Hiring Disreputable Firm

Taking help from an unregulated immigration agency can adversely affect your PR application.

Getting involved with a fraudulent agency will not only make you a victim but also hurt your visa application drastically. You can avoid this by hiring one of the (RCIC) Regulated Canadian Immigrant Consultants like us (The Cosmosimmigration). Taking paid assistance will improve your chances of visa approval and assure the Canadian government of the authenticity of your documentation. 

2. Incomplete Supporting Documents

Remember, if you are looking forward to being Canada’s permanent resident, Canada needs to know every bit where you studied, where you worked, for how long you worked, and so on. Since you can’t physically meet an official and share this information, you must have a strong back of documents that can do it for you. 

If you say you have one year of experience and your documents fail to prove your statement, there is a good chance your visa application will not be processed. Be thorough with your application, provide papers to prove what you tell, and don’t leave unexplained gaps in your PR application.

3. A Security Risk

If you are a security risk for Canada, your visa might be rejected. You need to prove that you were never involved in:

  • Terrorism or violence
  • Organization violating international and human rights
  • Organized or committed crime
  • Subversion 
  • Espionage

As long as you don’t prove you are no threat to the peace and security of Canada, you can’t expect a visa.

4. Health Issues

If you are unhealthy, either mentally or physically, this can impose a problematic factor in your visa application. If you are a threat to public health, your visa is ought to be rejected. You must perform a medical examination by a medical professional or by a government-approved medical institution prior to application. 

Sometimes, if you suffer from any non-treatable disease or a health condition that requires frequent medical checkups, you need to provide additional medical documents / certificates to convince the Canadian government. 

5. Inadequate financial support

If you do not show a bank balance enough to support yourself and your dependents, it may negatively affect your visa application. You must note that you should have resources for both you and your dependents, regardless of whether they join you in Canada or not.

6. Providing False Information

No matter how small, a single lie in your application can have repercussions as worse as a ban from entering Canada. It might be tempting to get away with a tiny false document or bit of information, but has severe implications, visa rejection being one of them.

7. Not Stating Clear Intentions

Whatever your reason to visit Canada may be, you need to let IRCC know.  Remember to state intention with the basis of documents. If you say you will return to your home country, you need to prove it. You may prove it by showing a permanent job in your country, spouse and children (dependents). 

What to do if your Visa application is rejected?

If you’re rejected, you can find the reasons from the immigration department. You must appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal in the prescribed timelines. They will give you reasons for the rejection and review the decision.

You will also have a chance to explain the points or reasons marked in the review document, and support with missing information or documents during the review.

Our Cosmosimmigration experts are here to help apply for a Canadian PR visa. Our experienced team provides you with the guidance and help make a failproof application, which is unlikely to be rejected, so that you get your visa and live your dream. Feel free to contact our experts today!

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