What’s CRS Score Calculator and Its Role in Your Canada PR Visa Application?

CRS Score For Canada Immigration

CRS calculator is a tool that predicts your CRS score. It gives a brief idea about the actual CRS score in PR (Permanent residency) application. Knowing the CRS score before applying will give you a rough estimate of whether you are eligible to enter or not.

If the CRS score calculator gives a very poor score, then you can start improving it instead of putting money into PR applications anyways. If it gives a good score then you can have a sense of confidence in your profile. So, before your questions get all over the place, let’s dive deep into how the CRS score calculator plays a role in the bigger picture.

What is the CRS score and why does it matter?

CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score determines your eligibility for Canadian PR. In simpler words, the greater the CRS score, the greater your chance of getting an ITA (Invitation to Apply). ITA is necessary to apply for permanent residency. Therefore, having maximum CRS points is essential to have a PR.

How Does The Calculator Works?

This tool is essentially a questionnaire. It has multiple choice questions, and you have to choose the answer relevant to you. It does not ask for any actual documents to cross-check the answers filled by you.

Not only this calculator measures the CRS score, but also gives a comprehensive idea of which factors Canada considers before issuing ITA. Simply going through the CRS score calculator can help you find ways to increase your CRS score.

So, what if your CRS score is not enough to be at the top of the pool? You can improve it using the following techniques.

1. Retake your language test: If you scored not so well in your previous attempt, consider retaking it and try to score well. Higher language proficiency is likely to give you more CRS points

2. Go for PNP (Provincial Nominee Programme): If you are nominated by any province of Canada, you get a straight hike of 600 CRS points. This can confirm your residency in Canada.

3. Secure a Canadian job: Getting a job offer from a Canadian employer gives a benefit of 50-200 points.

4. Increase your work experience: If your score isn’t that well yet, then consider waiting for a year or two to increase your work experience. 1-2 years of experience adds 25, while 3 years add 50 points to your profile. Canadian work experience also gives an increment of points.

5. Complete courses: If you have time and energy, then completing an extra degree or diploma is a great way to increase CRS points too.

At the end of the quest, the tool calculates the CRS points you are likely to get based on eligibility factors. Is the score accurate? Well, it’s approximate. Having said that, blindly relying on it is not advisable. By no means CRS score calculator helps you get a PR, it merely predicts points.

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