What is Yukon Skilled Worker Program? Know your eligibility.

Yukon Skilled Immigration Eligibility

After 2013-14, Yukon has demonstrated the highest influx of immigrants in 2020. It has now become a targeted destination for dreamers who wish to enter the boundaries of Canada. Yukon has recently been in news for the same.

Geographically, Yukon being a territorial region of Canada inhabits only 30,000 Population which is ¼ th of the entire population of Canada. Therefore, the need for skilled workers in Yukon is high, which makes Yukon invite foreign skilled workers to meet the high demand for skilled and semi-professional occupations. The Yukon nominee program offers golden opportunities for foreigners to become Canadian permanent residents.

The Provincial Candidate Program for qualified workers in Yukon is the Yukon skilled worker PNP. This gives foreigners with qualified work experience and a valid job offer from a Yukon employer the opportunity to participate in a provincial candidate program. The best part is after obtaining a provincial nomination from this stream, the candidate can apply directly for permanent Canadian residence at the IRCC.

Let’s understand the eligibility criteria of candidates and employers.

Program requisites

This Yukon skilled worker PNP is the fastest way to get in the territories of Canada. As they don’t require an express entry profile, or any kind of investment or even provincial connection. Although it specifies an important requirement of a job offer.

Here’s a list of requisites to be fulfilled for the Yukon skilled worker program.

1) Language proficiency

2) Job offer

3) Education level

4) Work experience

The candidates have to prove their language proficiency in English or French to secure the entry through this program. Minimum requirements for language proficiency are to ensure Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 for Skills Level B (NOC B) and CLB 7 for Skills Level 0 and Skills Level A.

The job offer must be for full time and permanent basis for the NOC 0, a and b skill levels. This should be offered by an eligible employer at Yukon.

Another requirement is with a year’s experience in a position related to the Yukon’s employer for the offered job for all NOC (National Occupation Classification) 0, A, B categories. At least high school level of education completed or any related education to perform the offered job.

Employer criteria:

Well, there are eligibility criterions for employers in the Yukon who wish to pick up qualified workers from abroad before the candidate can apply for immigration under this program. Your future employer must meet these requirements stated under the Yukon nominee program (YNP).

Job offer requirements

When an employer processes job offers, they should be

• Full time

• Specified position

• Salary meeting the industry standards

Business criteria

When it comes to business, your employer must meet these basic criteria to process your job offer.

• The business must have been working for at least a year.

• If it’s a non-profit organization, then it should be running for at least 3 years with reserved funding for at least a year from the date of application to the YNP.

• All business licenses (currently and valid) to operate in Yukon.

Recruitment obligations

Well, even before the employer processes your job offer, he must prove his reasonable efforts to find a domestic person (Canadian) to fill the job position. This must be done before offering an outsider (foreign national) for the same position. Not only this, even the advertisement for the job position must be posted in 2 local and 1 national recruitment mediums at least four weeks prior.

How can you proceed with your application?

Step 1: Check the above eligibility for you and your employer.

Step 2: A combined application of the applicant and the Yukon employer is required.

Step 3: Employer must submit this application for provincial nomination

Points to be glad about –

  • New applications are welcomed at any time.
  • Applications are processed within 8-10 weeks

What after your application gets the approval?

On approval, a nomination from Yukon will allow the candidate to apply for permanent residence. Also, a letter of temporary work permit will be issued to the applicant. This can be used to apply in IRCC to start working with a work permit until the permanent residence application is processed.

As per guidelines, after a provincial nomination, the applicant has a 6-month time period to apply for a Canadian permanent residence. This is by submitting a paper based federal application via mail. These paper-based applications are processed within 18 months.

All this involves appropriate guidance to smooth the process of your application. As the formalities may be less from the other programs, but need to be fulfilled diligently. And with this, the prescribed timelines are to be followed to avoid last minute hassle. We at Cosmos Immigration are here to guide you for every step with our dedicated team and experienced support. Schedule your appointment today to apply in the Yukon skilled worker program.

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