6 Crucial questions to be asked before hiring an immigration lawyer

Immigration Lawyer Consulting an Aspirant

Moving into another country inevitably means a bunch of forms, a pile of documents, and cycles of stress. An immigration lawyer or immigration attorney is important in the completion of your immigration process. Whether you’re seeking permanent residency or want temporary permission to live and work in the U.S., if you hire an immigration attorney or immigration lawyer, the chances of winning your case increase.

We know you want to lessen your worries, but hiring a disreputable lawyer can seriously do more harm than good. It can be exhausting and moreover damaging. So, it’s important to ask immigration lawyers the right questions at the right time. And what is this right time — before you consider hiring them.

So you can relax without wasting time, than doing everything an immigration lawyer can do for you. Here are the 5 most crucial questions to ask before hiring an immigration lawyer. 

1. How qualified are you for being an immigration lawyer?

At that moment, if they slide their experience in front of you, rather than a straightforward answer, you need to get out of that room ASAP. You deserve nothing less than a qualified, eligible lawyer.

If he/she gives you a comprehensive overview of their credentials, along with the universities they graduated in, they can be trusted. Moreover, they are qualified for the job.

2. Verify whether they’re immigration consultants or immigration lawyers?

Ensure whether they are immigration consultants or immigration lawyers. There is a difference between them enough to affect your case. Immigration consultants provide limited services to immigrants, like filling out immigration forms, drafting your applications, preparing you for exams and will look after all the documentation, but they cannot represent you in the Federal Court if your case is refused or if necessary.

3. How experienced are you in immigration law?

Lawyers’ experience in the field portrays their ability to represent your case. Asking your lawyers how long they have been practicing is important for two reasons. One, you don’t have to worry about every aspect of your case, since your lawyer will competently do that for you. Second, years of experience mean a way out, even in a challenging atmosphere with assured success.

However, as much dreamy as it sounds, a good immigration attorney is not equal to a hundred percent success. In the end, it all boils down to the immigration officer who reviews your file. By no means can we say the immigration officer will take a positive approach towards you just because you hired a good lawyer. The complications in your case serve a bigger purpose than one may think. 

4. Do you have experience handling a case like mine?

This is where you really get to know whether this lawyer has experience with cases like yours or not. Even though every case is unique in its own way, having work experience in that domain gives the lawyer an upper hand in acing it.

This again underlines the importance of hiring an experienced lawyer. Immigration lawyers working for years have sufficient experience in many cases. Their experience is a necessity for your case.

5. How much will I have to pay for this case?

Here you may not only ask about charges of a lawyer, but also government and possibly courier charges.

A reputed lawyer will give you a rough estimate of total costs. This will include a detailed structure of services they will provide along with the charges. They will tell you when to make transactions through the contract that addresses every aspect of your case and bills. 

6. How much involvement would I have to show?

A good immigration lawyer will honestly say “very much”. An immigration lawyer cannot free you from some crucial responsibilities, like taking language tests or explaining work experience. They will expertly guide you through the process, but in the end, it all gets down to how seriously you take your case.

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