What to Do If Your Student Visa Has Been Rejected?

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Many students have a dream of going to a foreign country and pursuing a degree of their choice there. This process usually involves a number of steps, some of which are easy and some are very difficult. The most challenging and difficult step of the process is getting a student visa to that county. While some students walk away with a smile on their face after their interview, many leave with a heavy heart because of visa rejection. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your visa gets rejected, then here’s what you must do. 

Find out the reason

When your visa gets rejected, it is obvious that there is a concrete reason behind it. Once you know that your visa is rejected, you must pull yourself together and put all your effort into finding out the reason for it. You can get this reason in the letter which you get once your visa is rejected. 

Some reasons based on which your visa is rejected:-

  • Failure to show sufficient funds 
  • No intent of returning to your homeland once education is complete
  • Failure to explain the reason for picking the course 
  • Failure to convince the interview 
  • Missing of important documents

What next?

Now you may think that once you know the reason you must re-apply for the student visa. But the answer is no! You must not apply for the visa until you rectify the mistakes you made for the interview in the first attempt. Once you have identified the root cause of the problem, it is time for you to work on these drawbacks. If you did not perform well in your interview, reapply for a visa after practicing for your interview. If you missed taking some documents with you, then make sure you carry all the necessary documents the next time. But ensure you are fully ready and have rectified the mistakes that you made in the first interview. 

These are the two most important things that you must do when your student visa is rejected. These are the times when you are tested for your patience and endurance. You must always stay strong and have a hold of your feelings. Because if you fall apart after a visa rejection, then so will your dream of studying abroad. Also, remember to apply in the early intake phases as it increases your chances of getting a visa. 

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