Step by Step guide to extend your Canada Study Permit

Canada Study Permit

Canada is a career destination for many international students. Studying in prestigious institutions of Canada is not less than a feather in one’s cap. 

To complete any course, holding a student visa and study permit in Canada is crucial. However, there may arise situations when you need to extend the time to complete your course. In another case, if you are shifting to another study program of longer duration than mentioned on your current study permit, extension is inevitable. 

In both mentioned situations, you will need to extend your study visa permit, and we are here to tell you how. Let’s go through the step-by-step procedure of extending your study permit in Canada. 


The earlier you apply, the better. Preferably apply before 30 days of the expiry date of your current study permit. The expiry date on your study permit tells you when you have to stop studying and leave Canada.

You can find the expiry date in the top right corner of your permit. 

Don’t worry if your study permit expires while your extension application is in process. Your status will remain the same until the final decision of your study permit extension is made. A candidate can receive an extra 90 days for either packing up his bags or applying the extension stay.


Application for extension should be submitted to Immigration to IRCC (Refugees and Citizenship Canada)

Extension application is mostly submitted electronically. Under some conditions, you may have to apply otherwise. Some temporary residence applications always require an electronic application. These applications should be made while living in Canada. Some of them are:

1. Extension applications for lengthening temporary resident status.

2. All renewals of work and study visa permits.

3. All applications of work and study visa permit requested while in Canada.


If you fail to apply for an extension application before the expiry date, the preferred alternative is restoration. The restoration application will grant a temporary residence for up to 90 days after the expiry date. For these 90 days, you will legally remain within Canada.

In some cases, both extension and restoration applications cannot be made. For instance, if a candidate wants to transfer institution, change the level of study or change the mentioned conditions of their study permit, then the mere extension is not enough. In these cases, a candidate will have to apply for a new study permit instead.


The expiry date of the study permit and temporary resident visa (TRV) is somewhat the same. You don’t require a student visa in Canada all the time, since a study permit fulfills the necessities that concern studying. 

However, it may happen that you left Canada during the course and wish to return. At all times, you will need a valid temporary visa to enter Canada. If you think you will be re-entering Canada, you may also need to renew your temporary resident visa.


For international students residing within Quebec, have a slightly different set of requirements. Along with study permits, students also need to produce a valid CAQ (certificate d’acceptation du Québec) to continue their stay in Quebec. 

To extend the study permit, candidates from Quebec will be expected to submit an application to the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI). This procedure will grant candidates a new CAQ and eventually an extended stay. 

Why Hire Us to Help You With extension of your Student visa of Canada?

Studying in Canada delivers a stunning experience with the highest standards of education for any student. Securing your seat in the thousands of applications in one go requires a touch of experienced guides. 

Consulting the Cosmosimmigration experts smoothens your application process and ensures your best chances of getting an approval on your study visa extension application. To get more insights for the extension process and submissions, contact us today!

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