What is ITA and how to receive it through express entry?

What's Canada ITA?

If you are nurturing ‘Canada dreams’, then knowing ITA is the way you can bring them into truth. IRCC—the department that drives immigrant influx— issues ITA (Invitation to Apply). After getting ahold of the ITA, a candidate is one step closer to becoming a Canadian permanent resident.

Your ITA will be issued if you present yourself up in front of IRCC through an express entry stream.

With an eye to receiving an ITA, the candidate must establish his/her eligibility in one of the following criteria.

•             Canadian experience class

•             Federal skilled trades class

•             Federal skilled worker class

After demonstrating your eligibility in one of the classes mentioned above, you are permitted to submit your express entry profile with an assigned CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score.

IRCC selects candidates from the top of the pool based on CRS score and issues them ITA. The major percentage of applications is processed within 6 months, and ITAs are delivered to qualified applicants.

If there is a secret key to receiving an ITA, then it is highest CRS score.

What is the CRS score? How can I optimize it?

Comprehensive Ranking System has a total score of 1200 points. Candidates with a higher competitive advantage are those that score better under CRS. It is assigned based on factors like language proficiency (English or French), Canadian work experience, and level of qualification, age, skill transferability, and more.

Candidates can be greatly benefited if a province nominates them under PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), adding a straight rise of 600 points, virtually confirming their ITA in the following express entry draw.

Other criteria, like a previous history of education in Canada, a valid job offer, or sibling in Canada, are considered while calculating the CRS score too.

What does it mean to receive an Invitation to Apply?

A general misconception about receiving an ITA is that you expect your application to be accepted, which is by no means true. To revise it all again, it is solely an invitation to APPLY. After getting an ITA, you will be given a 60-day period during which you are expected to fulfill their documentation needs. Remember, there is no extension.

(Note: Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the 60-day timeline was overstretched to 90 days.)

Within these 60 days, you can do the following three things:

•             Accept an ITA which will let IRCC assess your profile, and your application is processed in the span of the next six months.

•            Decline an ITA that allows your profile to enter back into the express entry pool. Your application is still eligible for the next express entry draw.

•             Expire an ITA by not responding to it within 60 days. The candidate will have to create a new profile if he/she still wishes to immigrate to Canada.

Documentation required for ITA is vast. Under no circumstances, stacking all the necessary documents in one place is simple. So being ready with all the documents before this procedure is highly recommended. There is absolutely no room for mistakes, and as people tend to do, their possibility is undeniable. Cosmos immigration is always here to help you submit an impeccable profile. Contact our experts today to take the next step!

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