What is a federal skilled worker program? Everything you need to know about it

Federal Skilled Worker Program Canada

One of the most famous programs among the many immigration programs of Canada is the Federal Skilled Worker program. This is beneficial for skilled workers with foreign work experience to permanently settle in Canada. Under Express Entry Profile, skilled workers are invited to Canada and promised a permanent residency. You cannot directly apply to this program, as an invitation is compulsory. Without further delay, let’s dive into the requirements for federal skilled workers.

Minimum Requirements For Federal Skilled Worker Program

  • The very first thing you need for your federal skilled worker program is an invitation or job offer from a Canadian company. 
  • Experience of one full year in their respective field if working part-time, you need to have 24 months of work experience. 
  • Must have worked under the following NOC groups:
  • Skill Type 0:- Managerial Positions
  • Skill Type A:- Professional Jobs 
  • Skill Type B:- Technical Jobs and Skilled Trades
  • You will have to provide proof of funds to support your family in Canada. You don’t need this if you have a work permit or a valid job offer. 

Language Requirements

  • The applicant must have appeared for any of the approved language tests in English and French. Test you take must test you on Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. 
  • On the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB), you must have a minimum score of 7 in all 4 abilities. 

Education Requirements

  • If you did your schooling in Canada, you must have a diploma or a degree from any Canadian high school or post-secondary institution. 
  • If you complete your education from outside of Canada, you must have a complete diploma or degree, and an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA), which proves your education is equal to that of Canada. 

This covers everything related to a Federal skilled Worker program of Canada. A few other important points to remember are that you will have to plan your migration to a province other than Quebec, as it chooses its skilled workers. All the selection factors make up a total score of 100 points, and you are awarded a few points for your performance in each factor. You will have to score at least 67 points on that grid. Now you are ready to apply for a visa under this category. 

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