7 reasons why Canadian PR can get rejected

Canadian PR Rejection

Every year thousands of people apply for Canadian PR in the hope of settling there one day. Not every one of those dreams is fulfilled, as many applications are rejected during the process. This unfortunate situation arises due to various reasons, some of which can be easily avoided. When an application is rejected, it brings nothing but pain and sorrow for not only the applicant but also their family members. Canada has various immigration programs, and the applications for each immigration program are judged based on different parameters. In this article, we have provided 7 reasons why an application is rejected.

1. Health

The Canadian authorities give the topmost priority to an applicant’s health condition at the time of applying. Applicant must undergo a complete medical examination from a doctor certified by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). If the applicant needs medical assistance for conditions like diabetes or hepatitis, this can be grounds for rejection, as it may burden the health care system. However, you can avoid rejection on the grounds of health by getting a report from a specialist stating you will not need any special medical attention. 

2. Improper Documentation

CIC provides a clear list of documents a candidate needs while applying. They are also provided with a tracking number. The applicant must send the documents to the assigned CIC office with the correct tracking number. Failure to do so, the applicant will be rejected on the grounds of improper documentation.

3. Deadline 

CIC is known for processing applications in a certain time frame, making the immigration process faster. They impose deadlines on applicants to make the process even more efficient and faster. If you fail to submit all the documents before the deadline, your application will be rejected. You can avoid this by preparing all your documents well before applying for a Permanent residentship. 

4. Criminal Background

Upon applying for Canadian PR, the authorities conduct a background check of the applicant. The applicant’s criminal background in every country in which he has lived for 6 or more months from 18 years of age. If any criminal case is found in the name of the person, his application is rejected. You can consult a good immigration lawyer if you face a situation like this. 

5. Misrepresentation

It may happen sometimes that you misread a question or do not understand its true meaning. This results in you answering the question wrong or not providing complete information. The authorities will interpret this as a wrong answer and reject your application. You can easily avoid this by watching tutorials, or by reading guides and understanding all the questions before filling the application. 

6. Reconsiderations

The Canadian authorities follow strict rules and protocols while reviewing an application. When they are fully satisfied, they give the application a green signal. Sometimes it happens that due to a human error, they may give a wrong verdict by ignoring law or rule. If this happens, they will reject your application once they find the error. This happens rarely, but if it happens to you, you can hire an immigration lawyer to present your case. 

7. Not knowing eligibility requirements

You must learn all the eligibility requirements for a program before applying for it. For example, age, occupation, education, occupation, etc. If you just look at the requirements once and select the program, you will increase your chances of rejection. Thoroughly read all the requirements of a program and pick the one that suits you. 

These were the 7 reasons your application for a Canadian PR visa might get rejected. Be mindful through the process and pay attention to the finest detail of your application. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”, keep these reasons in mind and don’t let them lead you to rejection.

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