Understanding Quebec Immigration to Migrate to Canada

Quebec Immigration

Canada’s immigration is increasing by the day, and for now, the hotspot for immigrants in Quebec. This particular province has planned to admit around 70,000 new immigrants in the year 2022. Quebec has a large population of French-speaking citizens. Although French is not mandatory for new immigrants, it adds weight to your application. Quebec introduced a number of immigrant-friendly immigration programs to promote migration. If you want to migrate to Canada, read this article to learn more about Quebec immigration. 

How to Migrate to Quebec?

Quebec has introduced many immigration programs to promote the footfall of new immigrants. Let’s take a closer look at all the different immigration programs that Quebec has to offer. 

1. Quebec Experience Program

Quebec Experience Program, commonly known as the PEQ immigration program. It allows Permanent Residentship to immigrants who have work or study experience in Quebec. PEQ requires an applicant to be proficient in the French language. 

2. Immigrant Investor Program 

If you have a net worth of CAD$2-million and are looking for investment opportunities, then this immigration program is for you. If you invest CAD$1.2-million in Quebec, you can easily migrate to Canada. But this program has limited seats and is open for a small period of time. You need to wait for the right time to apply to this program. 

3. Quebec Self-Employed Program

Quebec also has an immigration program for people that are self-employed in Quebec. The only condition for this program is you must be living in Quebec and must own assets whose equivalent value must be CAD$100,000. 

4. Quebec Skilled Worker Program

This is one of the most famous immigration programs in Quebec. This allows skilled workers from all over the world to get a permanent residentship in Canada. This program works similarly to that of an Express Entry. It awards a PR based on the comprehensive ranking system (CRS). The more points you have, the more you have the chance to get a PR. 

5. Quebec Immigration: Entrepreneur Program

If you have good business skills and can think you can run a business successfully, then this visa is for you. You must have the intention to build a business from scratch or buy an existing business in Canada. Apart from this, you must show that you have the funding you need to take up this endeavor.

These are some of the immigration programs that you can use to migrate to Canada. There are many other immigration programs, like pilot immigration programs for orderlies, food processing workers, AI, IT, and visual effects workers. If you do not fit any of the programs you can always go for an Express entry visa. Under this program, an applicant’s profile is analyzed based on his CRS score. 

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