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Many people across the world have a dream of migrating to Canada and building a better life for themselves. To get a job and start working in Canada, you will need an approval from the Canadian authorities which is referred to a work permit. To achieve this dream, there are many steps involved. In this article, we will guide you through the complete process of applying for a work permit in Canada. 

What is a Work Permit?

Work Permit is an official document issued by the Canadian authorities permitting an individual to freely work in Canada. You can either apply for an open work permit or an employer specific work permit. It is valid for either a specific period of time or a specific employer’s contract period. When the employment contract or the time period comes to an end, the permit expires, and you have to apply for a new one. 

Employer Compliance

When you apply for a work permit in Canada, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) completes all kinds of background checks on the employer to make sure that your rights are protected. Some of these checks include:- 

  • Genuineness of the employment contract
  • Work conditions 
  • Compliance to federal, provincial, or local laws 
  • Debarment from hiring foreign nationals

If they find any deviations or non-compliance during their checks, they full authority of banning your employer from hiring any foreign national. 

Tip:- Don’t fall prey to a fraud job offer, run your own background checks before applying. 

Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) issues a report known as the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This report is issued based on a study that determines the impact of hiring a foreign national on the Canadian market. Make sure you get this piece of document from your employer before applying for a work permit. If your organization is LMIA exempt, you will not need this document. 

Work Permit application process insights

Step 1:- Gather Your documents

Here’s a list of documents that you need to attach with your application:-

  • Identity proof
  • Proof of Canadian employment
  • Proof of Relationship 
  • Language exam certificates 

Tip:- If you are submitting an online application keep your pdf’s of scanned documents handy.

Step 2:- Fill the Application

The three forms you must fill out are-

  • Application for work permit made outside Canada
  • Document checklist 
  • Family Details form 

Fill in all the forms carefully, and ensure you don’t miss any questions. You can visit any online portal to get a basic idea about the question asked in the application. 

Tip:- Add the document checklist with your application before sending it out.

Step 3:- Pay the Fees

There are 3 types of fees that you need to pay:- 

  • Application fee
  • Work permit fee
  • Biometric fee

You have to pay the fees in your local currency. 

Tip:- Do not close the portal before printing the receipt. 

Step 4:- Submission 

After paying the fees, the last step is to submit your application. You can either send your application by mailing it to your visa application center, or you can submit it through the online portal. 

Once you submit your application, the processing time will depend upon the mode by which you submit your application. If the authorities find your application incomplete, it will be returned to you.. You can hire a consultancy to help you out through the whole process. 

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