Top 7 Silly Mistakes to Avoid While Applying For Green Card

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If your Green card application is denied because of a mistake you made in your application, you’ll be so bummed. Hard to hear that, isn’t it?

Around one million people apply for US permanent residency every year. Getting a Green Card is a big moment in one’s life. Applying for the Green Card is the first step towards this big moment of U.S. citizenship. Errors in your application can lead to delays, rejections, or denials.

Here are a list of reasons why green card applications are rejected. This list will help you avoid some of the most common errors people make when submitting their green card application.

1. Some forms are missing in your application

Applying for a green card is much more complicated than filling out a form and sending it in.  The green card application is a big old pile of government forms. Around 10 different government forms and supporting documents make up your green card application.

Missing forms will delay your application process. You can submit all the forms simultaneously if you go for concurrent filing. This will cut your process time by a lot. But make sure you don’t miss any of the forms, or you’ll lose valuable time (minimum 6 months) and money.

2. Missing Signatures

Sign all your forms in the assigned place, or else your application will be rejected. Also, make sure the right person signs the right form. If you’re applying for your green card, you’ll be the beneficiary or applicant, or if you’re the person sponsoring, you’ll be singing as a petitioner or applicant. This part is tricky, but screwing it up means the USCIS will reject it. Make sure you’ve double-checked the signatures before you send it off to the government. This will cost you your time and money both.

3. Missing translations for documents

When you file a green card application, you’ll need to submit a ton of supporting documents as proof for your submitted information. Here’s what you’ll need to submit: birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, passports, visas, bank accounts, etc. All these documents must be in English. If you submit an untranslated document or a translation uncertified document, then you have to suffer a delay in your application for up to 6 months.

4. Missing important deadlines

Once you enter the US and start the green card process, you have to meet a few deadlines. You need to consider the following: your visa expiry date, application processing time, interview date and renewal deadline 2 years after. Missing these dates could mean your application will be denied. The US government doesn’t mess around with these deadlines; if you miss one, you’ll be out of luck. Plan things accordingly, otherwise you end up getting rejected.

5. Giving false information by mistake

Getting your background details wrong even by accident can be seen as lying on your application. If the US government thinks you’re lying on your application, you’re going to get denied and possibly sent back to your home country. When filling out the application, make sure you have all your dates, locations, criminal records, and important items handy. This way, you can avoid the mistake of any falsified information / incorrect information, and avoid getting banned from the US.

6. Not meeting the eligibility for the Green card

If you apply for a green card and don’t qualify, you’ll get rejected. If you submit your green card application at the wrong time, with the wrong person, or for any other reason, you’ll lose months of valuable time. The USCIS has tools to help you figure that out. Even after doing your homework, it’s smart to talk to an immigration lawyer to ensure you’re not missing anything important.

7.  Financial requirement issues

You need a financial sponsor when you submit a green card application. To qualify as a financial sponsor, they must be a US citizen, live in the US, and meet the income requirements as outlined in the Form I-864P, Poverty Guidelines for the Affidavit of Support.

Having a joint-sponsor can help meet the financial requirements. Make sure you read the instructions carefully, so that you don’t apply for someone who doesn’t meet the requirements.

These are just a few of the most common. You should be able to get through this process without much trouble if you take your time and follow everything diligently. If you get the right help, you can avoid these mistakes and save yourself a lot of time and money.

When you connect with CosmosImmigration, we assign a dedicated officer, who looks after all your form filling, documentation process, and answers most of the FAQs related to United States Immigration. We submit your application and all the necessary documents to the United States government after we’ve verified them. Using our expert guidance and professional resources, you can avoid all these mistakes while applying for your Green Card.

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