Saving spaces for a new Canadian immigration program/pathway

Canada Immigration Program

Canada’s Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, announced that he is working on a new Canadian immigration program, at this time, very few details are available about the new program. It is unclear who will be eligible, how many applications will be accepted, or when the program will launch. The immigration minister is expected to release more information in September.

It is possible that Canada could be reducing Express Entry invitations in order to save spaces for those wishing to apply through this new stream. However, this is highly speculative analysis. With so few details available about the new program, it is challenging to assess its impact on existing immigration policy. When more details become available, the impact on Express Entry should become clearer, similarly in January and February 2016, IRCC held regular invitation rounds issuing about 1,500 invitations per round. As planned, smaller invitation rounds (between 750 and 1,000) were held between March and August 2016 to allow the department to continue processing applications received prior to the launch of Express Entry.

Backlog of Previous Applications

As per official confirmation made in April 22 that the federal high-skilled backlog had been cut by more than half, from nearly 112,000 in September 2021 to 48,000 in March 2022, which has been reduced steadily to 30,000 in June, and hence the new express entry draws were resumed with only a smaller number of new Canadian immigration program candidates invited in this draw, before they could clear the previous pending application

Special Programs initiated under Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (UCEAT) measures

One of the possible reasons, is the high number of intake of applications submitted by Ukrainians through Canada’s special program to assist Ukrainians fleeing the war — more than 300,000 applications have been submitted since this program launched in March.

The above all are just few predictions made by us, however there is no official confirmation made by IRCC for the draw held yesterday. For more information about immigration visit our blogs page.

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