The Ultimate guide to get Canadian citizenship in 2022.

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Gaining Canadian citizenship is a pride to own. If you have spent years in Canada as a permanent resident and want to become a Canadian citizen, you are in the right place possible. 

So, are you ready to live those extra perks of becoming a Canadian citizen? Let me welcome you to the ultimate guide to becoming a Canadian citizen. We did research and consulted with experts to save you hours of painful scrolling over Canada’s immigration website. We have jotted down quick reference points for filling the Canadian Visa application online.

We’ve included how to apply for Canadian citizenship or permanent residency, processing times, and application requirements. Read on to find out all the important points. 

Let’s briefly address who is eligible for Canadian citizenship:

• Those who were Canadian citizens in the past want to re-earn their citizenship

• Adult Canadian permanent residents can apply for citizenship for both themselves and their children.

• Canadian citizens for their adopted children not born in Canada

• Former or current Canadian armed force members applying through a fast-track program

Requirements to become a Canadian permanent resident:

1. You should stay in Canada for at least 3 years as a permanent resident in the last 5 years. Before permanent residency, if you lived in Canada as a temporary resident, each day spent is considered half a day up to 365 days.  

2. You must have paid the income taxes of Canada for the three years in the last five years. 

3. If you are aged between 18 to 54, you must meet the concerned language requirements of Canada. You have to cross the Canadian language benchmark 4 to pass. To become a Canadian citizen, you should be fluent in speaking and listening to English or French or both.  A candidate fluent in French can benefit from additional CRS points of 15 to 25, while a bilingual candidate (who is fluent in English and French) can benefit from 30 to 50 CRS points as per the new changes via the Express entry programs. 

4. All adults from age 18 to 65 and most children from 14 to 17 will have to give an oral knowledge test. This test will assess the candidate’s awareness of Canadian values, history, symbols, rights, institutions and duties of Canadian citizens.  

Procedure To Apply for Canadian Citizenship:

The three crucial steps in the application of Canadian citizenship are discussed below:

1. Keep Up With The Documents

Alongside your application, submitting important documents is mandatory. Submit copies of the documents instead of the original documents, because you won’t get them back. Original documents must be submitted unless otherwise required.

All the necessary documents should be written in English or French. If your documents are not available in either, you can have them translated. You will also have to provide a certified copy of the real document and an affidavit of the translator. 

2. Submission of documents

You should submit the comprehensive and complete application along with true documents to the case processing center in Sydney via mail. 

If you are applying through family, all your documents should be mailed together. If even one of the family member’s applications is found incomplete, all applications are returned without assessment.  

3. Processing Application

Once your documentation is found complete, along with payment of fees, Canada IRCC creates your file and addresses your profile. 

After a thorough investigation and personal interview, your knowledge about Canada is concluded. In the end, IRCC conveys to you their decision about your permanent residency. 

Canadian Citizenship Processing Timelines:

Processing time for a Canadian citizenship application is average of 12 months, and for a citizenship certificate is 15 months. Applications for resuming your Canadian citizenship take about 16 months, and for renouncing your citizenship, the application will be processed within 6 months.

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