Top 10 most reliable tips to avoid immigration frauds 2021

Tips On Immigration Frauds

Immigration frauds are only on the rise with increasing digitalization of procedures and decreasing one-on-one interactions. The lesser personal contacts means fewer efforts for fraudulent to deceive you. 

However, that does not implicate that you should stop hiring Canadian immigration lawyers or consultants and take all burden on yourself. The right Canadian immigration services are not any less than angels when it comes to solving complex problems in immigration. They can help you achieve your goals in less time and in an effective, reliable way. But how do you know which consultant to trust and which one not? 

Well, you are in the rightest place on the internet right now. We present you with top tips to prevent you from being a victim of immigration frauds. 

1. See If You Have A Contract

When you hire an immigration consultant they form a contract also called a retainer agreement. You both are required to sign this contract. And you do should hold one copy to yourself. See that consultant you confirm on this information should provide you with a legal contract.

2. See Who You Sign Retainer Agreement With

You need to make sure that the agreement that you sign is between you and a licensed immigration consultant. If at all you see this contract with anyone but a licensed individual, take a step back.

3. Do Not Sign A Blank Form

Signing a blank form is an invitation for fraud to occur. Stay aware if your consultant asks you to sign on a blank form or a form entailing false information. 

4. Stay Cautious Of How You Make Payment 

If you are asked to pay in cash only, take a moment to think and become cautious about Immigration frauds. This is because cash is not easy to track when compared with online transactions. 

5. Receive Receipts of Payments And Invoices 

You are bound to get receipts of payment that you do. Ask for receipts if concerned consultants don’t provide them on their own. All the fees mentioned in the agreement have an invoice framing them. You are required to receive this invoice too.

6. Don’t Pay Extra Charges If They Are Free In The First Place 

There may be extra charges that the consultant can ask you for. However, some services are entirely free. Stay alert, if your consultant asks for those charges too.

7. Don’t Fall For Promising Fix Deadlines

As far as we know, there are no fixed deadlines when it comes to immigration. So, if your consultant promises to get work done in a particular timeline, stay cautious. The time range totally depends on complications in your application and not on what your consultant had to promise.

8. Don’t Be A Prey Of ‘Job and Immigration’ Together

Immigration and getting job offers may require different representatives.  To get a job offer you do not require an immigration consultant nor do you have to pay for it. 

9. Ensure Your Consultant Holds Error and Omissions Insurance 

Remember, all licensed practitioners hold Error and Omissions Insurance. So, if your immigration consultant fails to produce one, your application is in the wrong hands.

10. Do Not Lie In Your Application

If your immigration consultant says that it’s not a big deal to lie (no matter how small), remind yourself that it is. Trusting a consultant who supports lying makes both you and them fraudulent. 

A genuine application on cross verification by authorities ranks higher rather than a falsified one. A fraudulent application can cost you thousands of dollars. A fraudulent immigration service can do more break down you and your dreams harm to your dreams. A background verification check of the immigration consultants is a must. 

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