Here’s What You Need To Know About New Scoring System Introduced For Quebec Immigration

Quebec Immigration New Points System

The talk of the street— the ‘New Scoring System’ welcomed by Quebec has important key points.  One needs to address them before considering Quebec immigration. This system modifies the way certain points were allotted and aims to boost its labor market needs at the same time.

Interested candidates file their expression of interest and hence enter Arrima expression of interest pool. Out of a maximum of 1320 points, 580 are allotted based on human capital factors. The remaining 740 are for labor market-related factors.

Points allotted under human capital factors are given for French language proficiency, bilingual ability, qualifications, age, and work experience. Points are also rewarded for common-law partner or spouse.

Labor market-related factors are work experience in a field that Quebec feels a shortage of, qualifications in Quebec, work experience in overall Canada, and job opportunities.

Let’s dig a little deep into the ‘job opportunities’ part.

Points will be different for the job offers in and outside of Montreal. 380 points are given for candidates with job offers outside the greater Montreal area, and only 180 points are awarded for jobs inside Montreal. This is a particular highlight of Quebec’s new immigration system.

Word is, the first round of invitations under the new scoring system will soon be conducted through the Arrima portal. MIFI (Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration) held a press release addressing this new scoring system. They implied that this system will ensure that the immigration process facilitates Quebec’s labor market needs too.

The new scoring system will rank candidates based on their points. Therefore, the highest-ranked aspirants will be those who scored the maximum too. When the scores of two individuals are the same, they will be ranked as per the date and time of their submission of the ‘Expression of Interest’ profile.

Anyone interested in immigration in Quebec should be applying through the Regular Skilled Worker Program. They must be above 18 years of age. Their profile is referred to as ‘Expression of Interest’ and should be submitted on the Arrima portal. Once in the pool, points are allotted to every candidate based on the factors discussed above. MIFI carries out invitation rounds to issue invitations to apply for permanent selection to most eligible candidates.

After a certain amount of time, these candidates have to complete their immigration profiles. Usually, it is done by submitting all the required documents and paying fees. Later eligible candidates are given CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate) which is a necessary document for application for permanent residency.

According to the new scoring system, CSQs are estimated to be issued after 6 months of submission of the complete application.

For more information about this newly introduced system, its application procedure, and how to get the maximum benefit of this system, contact our CosmosImmigration experts today!

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