Key Elements About UK New Points-based System for Skilled Workers

UK Points-Based System

Since January 2021, UK has introduced a points-based system that allots foreign workers points on certain factors. Only if the foreign candidate has a minimum of 70 points, they can work in UK. This is a grand twist in UK’s immigration system 2021.

Like Canada immigration points system (where CRS points are taken into consideration), now UK enthusiasts will have to secure points to secure future. This system also requires employers to own a sponsor license to hire employees from other countries.

At this point, you may have various questions. How will this UK new points-based system work? Is it beneficial for foreign skilled workers? What factors will be considered for scoring? Well, hold your breath, we will introduce them one by one. Let’s take a brief journey through the UK’s new point system for skilled workers.

Points are allocated according to the following factors:

1.         Job Offer

If candidates get a job offer from an approved sponsor, then they will be granted 20 points. Besides, if the concerned job meets the required skill-set, then they will be awarded 20 points. Well, now the next obvious question is who determines a particular skill level designated to a specific job?

 Here’s the answer Job and its corresponding skill set are derived from SOC (Standard Occupational Code). This is the way they comprehend whether the candidate has the skills for a particular job.

2.         Language proficiency

10 points are awarded to candidates for English competency. Candidate must take English proficiency test to prove their English language skills. IELTs and PTE are the most common tests taken by aspirants.

3.         Labour Market Situation

If a candidate is hired for a skill that the UK is currently experiencing a shortage, then 20 points are given to the candidate. This provision was made by Migratory Advisory Committee perhaps to address the labor market responsibly. To note it down, the labor market needs of the UK surely drive candidates to get employed and how easily hired for jobs listed on the shortage occupation list will have a smoothly paved way than others.

4.         Earning

In case if a candidate is earning at least £25,600 per annum then they are eligible to secure 20 points.

5.         Level of Education

A higher level of education attracts more points. 20 points are rewarded to candidates having Ph.D. in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects, and even more 10 points to aspirants whose Ph.D. was done on a topic relevant to the job. If you have a job proposal from a licensed employer, then crossing the benchmark of 70 points might not be complex. However, the application process might prove itself tedious.

Many times, the application is online, in the comfort of your home. Said that sometimes you might have to visit the visa office, prove your identity, submit certain documents, and then be good to go.

The fees of application depends on two factors:

•          Duration of work in the UK

•          Whether the job is mentioned on the shortage occupation list

If candidates aspire to work for less than 3 years, then standard fees would be £610. For employment, more than 3 years aspirant will be charged £1220. If a candidate’s skill is something the UK is running short on, fees are reduced further.

As a health surcharge candidate is required to pay £624 each year. Furthermore, the candidate needs to keep £1270 in their bank account to sustain their life in UK.

UK new points based system, needs your utmost attention for wisely securing these points to your profile. Along with precise documentation and timely submissions are required to update your profile and achieve your target.

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