Best Routes to Choose for Australia Migration

Australia Migration Routes

The simplicity of the title might mislead you into believing it’s as easy. Well, it is not. Australia Migration is a dream of many, but to fulfill it deciding which route satisfies your eligibility best is an intense task.

The best route for migration majorly depends on your expectations, needs, qualifications along with some other aspects. To answer this simply complex question we will evaluate each route one by one to find your perfect fit.


This is one of the most opted routes, the first crucial demand being your occupation must appear in the skill shortage route. All-in-all, there are three skill shortage lists:

•          Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)

•          Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)

•          Regional Occupation List (ROL)

If your occupation is in any of the above lists, then you are only complying with the first and important criteria. You must also meet the requirements of character, age, health, and language proficiency to earn a good position in the points-based assessment required to meet the eligibility for a skilled Australia migration visa.


There are four options for you to adopt this route of migration.

•          Skilled employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 494)

•          Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 187)

•          Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186)

•          Global talent scheme

If you have a job offer in Australia you can opt for this route with the help of an employer-sponsored visa.


If your de-facto partner or spouse is Australian then this route of immigration might be the most suitable for you. There are three categories under this:

•          Partner visa (subclass 820)

•          Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300)

•          Partner provision visa (subclass 309)

Having a genuine, stable relationship is a prerequisite for subclass 820 and 309.


If your objective concerns setting up or running a business in Australia, then you might be eligible for the following two categories:

  • Business Innovation and Investment visa (subclass 188)
  • Business Talent visa (subclass 132)

These could be short-term, temporary or permanent visas. The validity of your Australian business visa depends on the type of visa you are applying for and on a range of personal circumstances.


Applying under subclass 188 (Business innovation and Investment visa) will let you apply for Australian residency through the investment route. After deciding your entry through this way, you can assess the following two options.

•          Investor stream

•          Significant investor stream


As the world is becoming a smaller place, families are likely to get dispersed all around the globe. To reunite them there are options for parents of eligible New Zealand citizens, Australian citizens and permanent residents to acquire visas under the following categories:

•          Parent visa (subclass 103)

•          Aged parent visa (subclass 804)

•          Contributory Aged Parent Visa (subclass 884)

•          Contributory Parent Visa (subclass 173)


You might have sensed by now that merely understanding the route cannot conclude your efforts. Every simple way to move to Austrailia has its own complex web of formalities and rules, but Cosmos Immigration is here to make your appliance process smooth and efficient.

A comprehensive assessment of your circumstances with the support of certified and qualified CosmosImmigration consultants, will make you a successful immigrant. This reduces the hectic pressure of consuming every bit of knowledge available upon the official website.

Under the guidance of our experts, you are prepared for the entire Australia Migration process and beyond. To know more about this, Schedule a free consultation today with our Immigration experts.

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