How can immigrants succeed in Canada’s Job Market?

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There is no denying the fact that Immigrating to any new country is the bug undertaking, even in a culture that welcomes the Immigrants like Canada. New Immigrants come to Canada for plenty of reasons however new career options and job openings are 2 of the most imperative factors and that is why you need to learn about how to become successful in the country’s job market. There is a reason why the country is known as the land of opportunities as over the last 15 years, the country has brought in almost 3.5 million immigrants. 

However, you should make sure that there is an intense competition for the jobs in this country and you must be prepared for more difficult, longer search for employment than you may have hoped for. In case you wish to find employment in Canada, you must update the resume so that it suits the regional style. It will increase your chances of getting an impressive job in Canada. 

Please note that Canada has a lot of jobs that are exclusively accessible to those people who have proficiency in both French and English. Also in case you are bilingual, you can opt for jobs that are only available in French or English. Always remember that multilingual companies seek those employees who have fluency in over a single language and they prioritize those candidates who showcase such ability. This way, you will have ample mobility within those companies which have branches throughout Canada as well as around the world. As an immigrant, you need to take a few extra steps for learning about how to work in Canada

Wish to succeed in Canada’s intense job market? Follow these tips – 

1.   Discover your company culture – At the interview, you might have noticed how people acted and dressed. Does the atmosphere feel more relaxed, or structured? Were the employees dressed casually or in the business suits? Were they moving at a normal pace or quickly? Never forget that every organization has its processes, rules, as well as regulations and you need to keep it all in mind so that you can succeed in the field. 

2. Know about the do’s and don’ts of working in Canada – Canada’s working conditions might not be the same as compared to what a person is used to and that is why you should be flexible enough to adjust in different situations. For instance, in Asia, everybody steps behind whenever their boss speaks however in Canada, everybody speaks equally. 

3. Understand Canadian Business communication patterns – Communication is quite direct in a few Eastern European cultures. People might write emails like “Send me those files by lunch.” They can come out as offensive and rude to Canadians as they tend to utilize phrases and words which make it simpler to work collectively, like “How could we perform better next time?”.

4. Understand the objectives and needs of your Manager – Know about what the manager expects from you. Along with getting the job description, you must also demand a copy of the manager’s goals so that you get a decent idea of what he/she is attempting to attain. Also, it is significant to ask the manager how frequently you are required to report back, how much responsibility is there to take, as well as his/her preference to be in touch i.e., by email, at his/her office, or through the phone. 

5. Treat both women and men equally – In Canada, you should make sure to treat men and women equally, with courtesy and respect. In case you come from the culture that is based on status and rank, this point is important for you to keep in mind as in this country, people notice in case you only act politely to those people who can give a boost to your career. Make sure to treat the female manager as much respect as you would be to the male one. In some situations, you may also face the male assistant. So, make it a point that you are never condescending to anybody. 

6. Know what is meant by professional behavior in Canada – Analyze how those people who are above you act and dress in the company, and then model according to them. Furthermore, Canadians are time-oriented, that is why you must always arrive early, as well as never make anybody wait. Make it a point that you keep up with your promises. If you have promised something, you have to do it or else it will make a worse impression on the other person. 

For those 2,50,00 or so immigrants who are accepted into this country every year, the dream of a better life turns out to be a possibility. Future immigrants and newcomers to Canada require access to accurate, timely information about the labor market as it will help them in planning their journey and making better career choices.

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