Top 7 best places to visit in Manitoba

Places to Visit in Manitoba

Planning to visit Manitoba in the near future? We have compiled a list of the best places to visit in Manitoba. As a large part of the economy depends on tourism the process to apply for a Canadian tourism visa is lot simpler than any other country. You can either enter with a Manitoba immigration visa or a Manitoba visit visa.

Many skip visiting the province of Manitoba which is located in central Canada as they are unaware of all the beautiful places there. It is because people are not aware of all the beautiful places there. Here are the seven best places you should visit in Manitoba. From the spectacular northern lights to the beaches around Lake Winnipeg Manitoba houses some of the best Canadian tourism spots let’s take a look at them.

1. Gimli 

Located along Lake Winnipeg is a small town named Gimli. To reach this town you have to drive from North Winnipeg for an hour. When August starts, it brings a week-long of festivities. At the start of the month, locals of Gimli celebrate a festival known as Islendingadagurinn. This festival celebrates the rich history of the town’s Icelandic culture. Many fun activities are organized to entertain kids and adults. The whole town comes to life, and people flock to the beaches to have fun.

2. Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park is a 552-hectare national park. It is a safe space for herds of bison who roam around freely in the park. In the park you can enjoy water activities, camping, and experience wildlife. You will also find cycling and hiking trails to get to the mountain top. You get to experience the wildlife, beautiful hills, meadows, lakes, and a complete natures bliss. The park is full of wild animals like bears, wolves, and elks. 

3. Churchill Polar Bears

Churchill is very popular because of the polar bears that live there. It is located on the rocky coast of Hudson Bay. In the autumn season, all the polar bears come down and roam around on the ice hunting seals. Tourists flock to the surrounding towns to witness these polar bears. You can closely meet the polar bears in tundra buggies. These are caged vehicles that can take you close to polar bears. Visitors visiting in the night will have a chance to see the northern lights. 

4. Canadian Museum of Human Rights

The newest attraction in Canadian tourism is the Museum of Human Rights. This attraction is located in Winnipeg, and took a long time to be constructed. It was built with the motive to tell the stories of human rights struggles from the history that has shaped Canada. It also portrays human rights exploitations going around the globe. This is one of the best places to visit in Manitoba for history geeks. 

5. Grand Beach

Located at an hour’s drive from Winnipeg, the beautiful Grand beach attracts all the tourists. You can extend your satay with perfect accommodations in and around the park and rented cottages inside the park. It has a long stretch of soft sand along lake Winnipeg, making it one of the best beaches in Canada. People looking to camp and have a lovely sun bath should definitely visit this place. 

6. Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

It is a National Historic Park built in Selkirk by the Hudsons Company in the 1830s. It is a stone fort that was primarily built for fur trading. Over the years, it was used as a training facility for Canadian mounted police, a mental asylum, a prison, and a company headquarters. Surviving all this, the fort today displays all the furniture, and heritage from every age. It also has a Hudson Bay store where you can buy fur products. 

7. Narcisse Snake Dens

These dens are located at a distance of six kilometers from the town of Narcisse. When the month of May starts, thousands of red sided snakes come out from the den to mate. These snakes are asleep for the full winter, known as their hibernation sleep. Visitors can view this marvelous act of nature from the observation platforms situated there. If you miss the May season, you can go there in fall season when the snakes return for their long sleep. 

Grab a paper and pen down your visit plan hop to these best places book your stay and enjoy your time in Manitoba. Round the year Manitoba offers attractive places in different seasons. If you miss the season, it will be hard to experience the places to the fullest. There are places apart from this list that you can visit. You can contact any immigration agency to get your Manitoba visit visa and experience Canada tourism.

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