Most Common Canada Immigration Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Common Canada Immigration Mistakes

When your Canada Visa application is rejected for a mistake you’ve made while processing the application, all your dreams crash. You’re likely to get rejected if you make these Canada Immigration mistakes. With so many applications processed and successful acceptance, our CosmosImmigration team has found a few common mistakes that you can avoid while processing your Canada Application. 

Read more to know the top five Canada Immigration mistakes applicants make when applying for Canadian Permanent Residency. 

1. Documentation error

Handling, organizing documents, and rechecking all documents is an important task in the application process. It takes a lot of attention to detail to avoid Canada Immigration mistakes in an application, especially with so many documents to be submitted. A simple mistake or two can delay your application process. To immigrate to Canada, you need to provide a ton of documents, including tax returns, employment proof, marriage & birth certificates, passports, study certificates, etc. When you apply, make sure you provide appropriate documents to support the information you provided in your express entry profile.

If you don’t have proof of important requirements, or if your documents aren’t real, certified, or your entered information doesn’t match the documented information, then there’s a good chance you won’t be approved. 

To help you with all this, CosmosImmigration assigns a special officer to handle, procure, submit and recheck all your documentations. 

2. Work experience and selection of Primary NOC code.

Don’t have more than one year continuous experience? What should be your primary NOC code in that case?

Most immigration programs require one year of skilled work experience in the last three or ten years. If you select a primary NOC code on your Express Entry profile that indicates 

  • <1 year of continuous full-time experience (fulfilling 30 hours/week), 
  • Experience that doesn’t fall under NOC 0, A, or B

Then your application will be rejected.

Select the code cautiously, meeting the above-mentioned requirement. You must know that points are awarded for experience gained in different NOC’s. The primary NOC code doesn’t affect your employment prospects in Canada. Once you get your PR, you can work in any job you want. 

3. Employment reference letters deviating from requirements:

An employment letter for Canada Immigration is important for showing that you’ve worked somewhere. Your reference letter should include the position you held, the hours you worked, your salary, and a description of your job duties. It should also include your employer’s signature and printed on the company’s letterhead, with the company’s address and contact information. If your employment letter is missing information, it may not be recognized as proof of work experience.

Provide pay slips if your employment letter doesn’t mention your salary as per the company’s standards. If you don’t have any employment duties listed on your letter, ask your boss or supervisor for a sworn statement of what you do. Sometimes it helps, giving the employer/company a basic outline of what you’re looking for. 

For more guidance on the experience letter for Canadian immigration, get in touch with our CosmosImmigration team today! 

4. Hiding your criminal or medical records

Lying on your immigration application is a serious offense. You could be denied Canadian immigration and barred from applying for several years.

Tell us about any criminal convictions or medical issues you, or anyone accompanying you on your application, have. A previous employment history, a criminal record or medical issue is not always a barrier to Canadian immigration. If you’re not sure what to mention, consult our Cosmosimmigration lawyers, or just list your concerns and let the officer decide.

5. Choosing the right Canadian immigration program 

Most people think they have to go through the Express Entry program to get into Canada, but that’s not true. Canada offers multiple programs, not just the Express Entry program. There are Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP), a global stream, a start-up visa program, family sponsorship, business class, self employed, humanitarian and compassionate programs

The candidate’s immigration objective and profile suggest there are many ways to migrate to Canada. If you choose an incorrect program, you’ll end up rejected for that immigration program. It’s important to find the right program to meet your immigration needs.

Get professional from CosmosImmigration to increase your chances of getting accepted and successfully immigrate to Canada. Just fill out our contact form or call us if you need help getting your Canadian Visa application started!

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