A Complete Guide on Eligibility Criteria for Manitoba PNP-2022

Manitoba PNP

Manitoba is one of the most popular provinces in Canada for immigrants. It’s mainly because of the high quality of life while being affordable. The Manitoba PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) is a program that allows the province to nominate individuals for immigration. The Manitoba government can hire skilled workers through the program. The workers are hired to meet the demands of the province’s financial and labour markets. Using this program, applicants can get permanent residency in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, around 4547 immigrants have migrated to Manitoba.

Different streams under the MPNP

Here are the different ways to apply for Manitoba PNP and achieve your immigration dreams.

Ways to Apply Manitoba PNP

Eligibility Criteria for MPNP

You have to meet the requirements to be eligible for the Manitoba PNP (provincial nominee program). But, the criteria varies depending on the immigration program you choose.

1.    Eligibility criteria for Skilled workers in Manitoba PNP pathway:

Express Entry ProfileNo
Language ProficiencyNone for NOC 0, A, or
CLB 4 for NOC C or D
Level of EducationNo minimum
Investment RequirementNone
AdaptabilityProof of intent and proof of living and working in Manitoba
Work Experience or Present Employment in ManitobaInternational Students: Graduates from Manitoba working in in-Demand Occupations List jobs and have worked for atleast 12 months in Manitoba

Graduates from outside Manitoba who have jobs in the in-demand occupations list and have worked for at least 1 year in Manitoba. International Students and Temporary Foreign Workers: Graduates from Manitoba that have worked for at least six months in the province and are working in a job that is on the in-Demand Occupations List.

Temporary Foreign Workers: You must have a job not listed under the in-demand occupations list, have worked in Manitoba, for 1 year, and have an LMIA or LMIA-exempt work permit.
Additional Job RequirementsThe job must be full-time and long-term, meeting the Manitoba’s employment standard including wages and working conditions. The employer must have registered and an active business for minimum 3 years before applying

Your job must not be a home-based, part-time, temporary, seasonal or commission-based job.

2.    Eligibility criteria for Skilled Workers in Overseas

Criteria Requirements
AgeYou must be over 18 years old
Work ExperienceAt least 6 months of experience in a job that’s on the in-demand occupations list

Submit your complete Career Plan
Educational QualificationCompletion of a post-secondary degree (minimum duration: one year)
 Other requirementsIntent to live and work in Manitoba

Constant Support from a close or distant relative or close friend who has lived in Manitoba for at least one year

Have a valid ITA (Invitation to Apply) from the MPNP   Get at least 60 points out of 100 on the points assessment grid
Language SkillFor NOC Skill level B, CLB 6 and For NOC skill level A or 0, CLB 7
Settlement FundsKeep the proof of your liquid fund ready of alteast 6 months equivalent to LICO requirements

3.    Eligibilty criteria for a Farm Investor pathway

Language ProficiencyNone
Net Worth$ 500,000
Farm Business ExperienceMinimum 3 years of experience in owning and running a farm
Farm Business Investment$ 300,00   The farming business must be in Manitoba’s rural parts   Submit your farming business plan
Farm Business VisitA business visit to Manitoba
Other requirementsYou must have: Farming skills Experience & knowledge in farming technologies The program must directly help farming industry in Manitoba.

4.    Eligibility criteria for Entrepreneur pathway  

AgeNo age limit
Educational QualificationFinishing high school
Business ExperienceAt least three years of experience as a senior manager or business owner within the last five years

Business owners must own at least 33.67% of the business
Language ProficiencyCLB 5
Other requirementsFor spouse or common-law partner: CLB 5 or above   Your child attends an eligible educational institution in Manitoba

They need to be working on it for at least 6 months before submitting an EOI.

You or your spouse have a relative who has lived in Manitoba for more than a year
Net Worth$ 500,000
Business Investment$250,000 for businesses in Manitoba Capital Region   $150,000 for businesses outside Manitoba Capital Region
Business Visit & PlanSubmit a valid Business Plan   You should have your business visit done at least one year before EOI submission
Business Performance AgreementMPNP requires you to sign the Business Performance Agreement before they issue a letter of support

5.    Eligibility criteria for Career employment pathway

EducationGraduation (minimum duration: 1 year) from a post-secondary institution in Manitoba within the last 3 years.
Language ProficiencyMinimum CLB 7 (or equivalent)
Employment a full-time job offer from an eligible Manitoba employer for In-demand Occupations List with a minimum 1-year contract. You must hold a full-time job in MB at the time your application is assessed.
Settlement FundsProof of liquid funds equivalent to the LICO requirements for independent financial resources for a six-month period or you must be working full-time and for a long-term in Manitoba.
AdaptabilityYou have to be living in Manitoba when you apply. You must demonstrate that you intend to stay in Manitoba after you’re nominated, by submitting a Career Employment Plan.

6.    Eligibility criteria for Graduate Internship Pathway

EducationCompletion of a master’s or doctorate program in Manitoba within the past three years.
Official Languages ProficiencyMinimum CLB 7
Internship in ManitobaCompleted an Elevate or Accelerate internship with an eligible industry and research enterprise
Employment No job offer required
Settlement FundsProof of liquid funds for 6 months or must be employed in a full-time, long term position in Manitoba OR You must be employed in a full-time, long-term position in Manitoba.
AdaptabilityYou must live in Manitoba during application Intent to live and work in Manitoba submission of a Career Employment Plan
  • Eligibility criteria for International Student Entrepreneur
Business ExperienceSubmit your business plan is required during the application You must operate the business as a senior manager on a daily basis from the place of business in Manitoba for at least 6 months prior to nomination while on a valid temporary work permit, consistent with the requirements of your Business Performance Agreement (BPA). Business equity ownership of at least 51%.
Official Languages ProficiencyMinimum CLB 7
EducationComplete a full-time post-secondary program in Manitoba that is at least 2 years in duration. (distance learning or compressed academic programs are not eligible) Studies and/or work/business experience outside of Canada will be considered as beneficial but not are not an eligibility requirement
AdaptabilityYou must: Have a valid open work permit or post-graduation work permit (PGWP) at the time of application;Have continuously resided in MB since graduation; and Show intent to continue to reside in MB after nomination.
Net Worth / Settlement FundsA deposit is not required. Minimum net worth is not an eligibility criterion; however, net worth/ source of funds will be considered for the purpose of evaluating the potential for you to successfully execute on your business plan You must demonstrate liquid funds equivalent to Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) requirements for independent financial resources for a twelve-month period. Your personal net worth will be verified by a third-party supplier approved by the MPNP. A verification report, along with the application, must be submitted to the Manitoba PNP within 120 days of receiving your LAA.
Business Performance AgreementAfter an application is approved, a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) must be signed prior to the MPNP issuing you an approval-in-principle letter to implement your business plan.

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