Why Study in Canada and Spotlight on its post-Graduation Immigration Points?

Study In Canada And Its Immigration Benefits

Canada is known for its warm welcome to international students, its economic lifestyle, and hosting of 64,000 international students yearly. This demonstrates the sincerity of Canadian government in its interests. When you seek quality life and education at an esteemed university, Canada almost always gets the first place.

Student Study In Canada

In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, relaxing some rules, such as the fact that online learning is unsatisfactory for PGWP (postgraduate work permit) or study permit, has effectively conveyed the value the Canadian government has for international students.

From post-graduation work experience, globally recognized certifications, prime education faculties to the habitat of the 27 universities ranked in the world university rankings, home to a diverse culture and a wide range of opportunities; Canada has it all!

With the aid of new (IES) international education system, (MPNP) Manitoba provincial nominee program offers MPNC (Manitoba provincial nominee certificate) to qualified international students who are expected to benefit Canadian economy and satisfy industry requirements. International students can apply for MPNP mainly via three pathways:

•          Career employment pathway

•          Graduate internship pathway

•          Student entrepreneur pathway

For students who wish to settle in Canada and seek permanent residence through PNP programs, the IES is encouraged bringing even more opportunities to the table

Now that you have a chance, let’s see why studying in Canada, and more importantly, those who want to pursue a post-graduation, should consider Canada to lead their future toward success.

STUDY AND WORK Simultaneously

More than half of Canada’s population has a college degree, nothing else can describe how important “education” is in Canada.

Those who decide to graduate in Canada are eligible for work permits. They are allowed to work for 20 hours during college years and full time during official breaks.

After completing post-graduation studies, students can also opt for PGWP (post-graduation work permit) which allows individuals to work in Canada from a minimum of 8 months to 3 years. This offers them a valuable opportunity to have Canadian work experience, which can prove advantageous when applying for immigration. All in all, Canada will not only offer you high-quality education, but also the opportunity to live in Canada.


Having qualified working experience in Canada can add points to your express entry application. Express entry is a point-based system in which you apply through your profile and become a permanent resident if you are selected. Aspirants are selected from the pool of candidates. Although Canada invites about 110,000 immigrants by express entry, staying on top of the pool is easy said than done.

In such times, having a competent Canadian experience can give you an advantage over others, increase your points, and thus your chance of being a permanent Canadian immigrant.

Canada’s 10 provinces have at least one stream committed to put permanent residency of recently graduated students into action. The category based on which streams choose aspirants differs, for example, some streams could only target students in business administration or fine arts, while some streams could only focus on a higher level of education, such as a doctorate or master’s degree.


When you study in Canada and graduate from Canada, you are considered equipped with the necessary skills and ingenious experience. Valuing these talents is what Canada differs from other countries. 40% of the research and development is performed by the 1.7 million students that are educated in Canadian institutions. Education, power of youth, and language proficiency are some of the most important and economically essential aspects, hence are preferred and valued by the Canadian government.

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