Tips to Get Points for Your Express Entry Profile with a Job offer

Canada Express Entry

Canada’s immigration is a dynamic and highly competitive process, as applications come from all the corners of the world throughout the year. If you want to get on the road to Canadian immigration express entry, you must focus on gaining a competitive advantage. Securing a valid Canadian job offer can turn out to be a jackpot that quickly escalates your CRS score.

You must be wondering, can all jobs bring Canadian immigration to me, or if there are hidden truths?

Here are some quick but important tips for securing a Canadian job offer. These tips will guide you to understand the contribution of the job offer in building your Express entry profile.

How many points can a job offer add to my Express Entry Profile?

You can acquire either 50 or 200 points depending on the skill level of your expected position. Only the candidates offered upper management jobs are awarded 200 points.

So how do they decide which job profiles are upper management?

NOC (National Occupational Classification) codes established by the Canadian government categorize job titles, their responsibilities, occupation, and description of the role. These NOC codes determine pretty much everything about how many points your job offer is worth.

Job offers whose NOC code begins with 00 are awarded 200 CRS points, while those that begin with 0, A, or B are awarded 50 points.

Pro-Tip: Whenever you get a Canadian job offer, don’t forget to evaluate its NOC code. If you deserve a position at an upper management job, then settling for lower than it can cost you the difference between 50 and 200. Yes, 150 points. Don’t think and act simultaneously. Think and then act.

Not All Job Offers Can Earn CRS Points for You.

Yes, you read that right, not all job offers you receive are eligible for gaining a CRS score for you. Before you rush to accept what you might not do, consider which job offers are considered valid. Following are some characteristics that conclude how a qualified job offer looks like.

•            Job that offers employment at least for a year

•            Year-round and full-time

•            Offer included in skill level 0, A, or B determined by NOC.

•            Job offer backed positively by LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) or has an exemption from requiring one.

When you claim CRS points for your job offer, you must present a copy of the job offer that contains your salary, role, position and other employment statements. Along with this, attaching a positive LMIA or LMIA exempted offer is essential before claiming CRS points.

How does LMIA affect MY Profile?

Labor Market Impact Assessment is a document that only an employer (not a candidate) can obtain if he wishes to fulfill an open position by a foreign worker who has not found an eligible Canadian citizen or permanent resident. LMIA can be either positive or negative. A positive LMIA states that hiring a foreign worker is beneficial to the Canadian labor market.

Only a positive LMIA is taken into account while claiming a CRS score, so if it turns out negative, don’t bother submitting it in your profile.

However, not all jobs need to go through Labour market assessments, these are referred to as LMIA-exempt job offers.

Getting a good job is not only financially fantastic, but Express entry profile stimulating too. Experts of Cosmos immigration stay along every step you take through the express entry stream. Helping candidates overseas to live their Canada goals has been an aim of the cosmos for years. Contact us to get your queries straighten up today!

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