The Ultimate Guide to Applying For a Canada Super Visa

Canada Super Visa

Are you a parent or grandparent longing to meet your children in Canada? A child wanting to meet his parent/ grandparent? Is the regular visa restricting the time you spend with your children? Then Canada’s super visa is the answer to all your worries. The Canadian government introduced the super visa to allow parents to stay with their children, and grandparents to live with their grandchildren. This visa eliminates the 6-month time constraint and allows them to stay longer. Without any more delay, let’s learn more about the Canada super visa. 


Canada super visa is issued to parents/grandparents of Canadian citizens/PR holders. This visa is valid for 10 years. To get a visa, you have to fulfill some eligibility requirements. If you have this visa, you can stay in Canada for two straight years without having to leave even once. The best thing about this visa is it’s a multiple-entry visa, so you can enter Canada as many times as you want while it’s still valid. 

Requirements for Canada super visa

  • Your child or grandchild must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • You must have an invitation from your child/grandchild.
  • The sponsor (Child/Grandchild) sending the invitation must meet the minimum income threshold.
  • The parent/grandparent must have valid Canadian insurance for at least one year.
  • The parent/grandparent must undergo a mandatory medical exam
  • IRCC authentication application that you will be leaving the country once your time is up

As mentioned above, the family household income of your sponsor must meet a certain threshold. This limit is determined based on the size of his family in Canada. 

Documents Required

  • Proof of relation, like birth certificate, baptismal certificate, or any document supporting your claim on your children.
  • A signed letter of invitation from your child, which must include a copy of their citizenship proof or PR document, and a commitment to support you financially.
  • List of dependent family members of your son/daughter. 

Documents for financial proof

To prove your sponsor meets the financial threshold, you can provide the following documents.

  • Copy of federal income tax Notice of Assessment (NOA)
  • Copy of T1, T4 documents
  • Employment agreement with salary and job description
  • Letter from an accountant if self-employed 

Apart from all the above-mentioned documents, you will have to produce your insurance documents, of at least $1,00,000 valid for a year, and medical exam reports before traveling.

How to apply

To apply for a super visa, there are two modes online and offline. We recommend you use the online mode, as it is convenient and less time-consuming. Gather all your documents and register yourself on the IRCC website to fill the application form. 

Once you fill the online application form, your process will begin and you will get a positive update anytime. Keep your payments card loaded, as there will be many payments along the way. Like the application form will cost you $100, insurance will be anywhere around $800, if you need electronic travel authorization (eTA), it will cost $7 for each person. Once you get a positive response pack your bags as you will be meeting your children/grandchildren soon.

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