Complete Guide to get Canada’s investor visa or PR under the business immigration program.

Business Visa Immigration

Canada’s business immigration program is a separate and broad stream. Successful business persons who want to start a new business or invest in businesses in Canada can benefit from the start-up visa or Canada investor visa programs.

We’ll briefly overview the complete process for applying for a Canada investor visa program and acquire investor citizenship.

1. See To The Requirements 

To be eligible for a start-up business immigration class, you should have:

• Sufficient Funding

• Language Proficiency (English, French, or both)

• Letter of Support from a designated entity

Without coming to terms with the above-mentioned requirements, moving forward with the procedure would be fruitless.

2. Be Document-Ready

Gather all the requirements, as mentioned on IRCC’s official website. This documentation will include police certificates, medical essentials, and certified copies of required documents. Remember, you must supply all the true documents with accuracy. 

If even one of the copies is unclear or submitted incorrectly, the application will be returned to you with incomplete status. The application will require you to add information regarding the concerned program through which you apply, language preferences, family-related insights, contact details and personal details.

3. Update IRCC About Change in Circumstances

While your application is in the process, many things may happen. If there is anything that might concern IRCC, you must fill in the details to IRCC. For example, marriage, childbirth in your family or divorce are the concerns that can alter your application if you update IRCC on time.

4. Payment Of Fees

IRCC charges $1575 as processing fees, but you may have to pay an extra $500 if the right of permanent residence fee is applicable. Along with that, you will have to pay for including your spouse ($1375) and child ($225) in your application. In this case, $500 will play a role if the permanent residence fee is applicable.

5. Mail Your Application

This is a crucial step in your application that should not be rushed into. Take your time to double-check your application, which is properly signed and dated. Do not forget to attach a receipt of payment to your application. After the thorough assurance, put your application into a 23 cm x 30.5 cm (9″ x 12″) envelope.

You can mail them either by regular mail or courier. Both of them will look something like:

  1. Through Regular Mail
Application Through Regular Mail
  1. Via Courier
Application Through Courier

6. Wait For Confirmation

Once you have mailed your application, your role is partially completed. Now it will be Canada to take the next step. When received, IRCC will verify whether all the concerned documentation along with payment requirements are met. If IRCC does not find your application complete, it will be sent back as it is. No record of incomplete applications will be kept.

Once your Business Immigration application is complete by IRCC, it will send you an acknowledgement of receipt. This receipt will convey the completion of your application and provide your visa office file number. After that, your application will be reviewed by an unbiased IRCC officer that will decide in accordance with set standards. 

The most challenging phase is the application process, representing yourself for acceptance of your application. A professional and advice is needed to cross you through the barriers and achieve Canada’s investor visa. The CosmosImmigration experts with their rich experience have helped thousands of entrepreneurs live their dream. Contact us today!

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