Canada visa extension: Everything you need to know about it

Canada Visa Extension

Apply for extension of Canada Visa at least 30 days before your Visa expires. Be it a temporary resident visa, study visa, single entry visa, the process of applying varies.

Canada is a country of opportunities. Foreign professionals, travelers, and students enter Canada for a spectrum of purposes. Canada imparts a welcoming ambiance for all. Needless to say, holding a Canada visa and then extending it if need be is vital for your stay in Canada. It could be because you want to explore Canada more, or changed circumstances, or due to the current pandemic. Whatever it may be, Canada allows you to extend your visa and eventually your stay. 

Visitor Visa / Temporary Resident Visa:

Canadian visa office issues visitor visas to candidates seeking temporary Canadian residency. A visitor visa is an official document that verifies your eligibility as a candidate to be a temporary resident of Canada. It shows that the candidate meets the concerned requirements to enter as a resident. 

If you have entered Canada as a visitor, your stay can only extend up to 6 months. However, you can alter this timeline if you apply for a visa extension before your current visa expires. If this is the case, you must apply to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada) for a visa renewal, while your Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) aka visitor visa is still valid. 

To apply for extending the visitor visa, you must apply for a visitor record. Visitor record depicts the final date when you are supposed to leave Canada, or an application for legally extending your stay. 

Single Entry Visa: 

If you hold a single-entry visa, you can enter Canada once, but if you leave Canada during this stay, you will have to get a new visitor visa to re-enter Canada, unless you visited the United States. 

Study Permits: 

Study permits granted to an applicant give permission for the stay, work permit based on the profile and level of studies. The candidate can work part-time during his study years. A golden benefit is that students avail an extra 90 days after the completion of the course/study to prepare for their departure or apply for a visa extension.

What if My Visitor Visa Expires When Extension Application Is Under Consideration?

There is a separate protocol for candidates who face this particular situation. It allows a candidate to continue their temporary residency. 

You may have to put up with ‘maintained status’, which was earlier referred to as ‘implied status’. Maintained status marks the period during which your visa expired while the procedure of extension was in progress. 

No reasons to worry, it’s legal to stay in Canada during the maintained phase. During this time, you are continued to be recognized as a visitor until the IRCC decides on your visa renewal application. 

How long am I eligible to stay in Canada?

Temporary visas are granted for international students, professionals, or tourists, which are usually valid for 6 months. If one receives a stamp on their passport, they are required to leave the country before the date mentioned on the stamp. 

Others who have been issued a visitor record must leave the country before the expiry date mentioned on the visitor record. However, the expiry date of the passport plays a vital role. If the expiry date of the Canada visa and expiry date of the passport are somewhat aligned, the candidate is obliged to leave the Canada before whichever date occurs first. 

How should I apply for the Extension of my Visa?

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