Australia…the land of plenty. It certainly is from an economic perspective. Australia today has one of the fastest growing and prosperous economies in the global market, and its only getting bigger! Being part of the Australian market has a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. It offers you the safety net that everyone wants to have, and that offer isn’t fading away.

If you are an investor who is contemplating on your next venture, consider becoming part of an exuberant economy that has had unprecedented growth in GDP, Australia has the lowest debt (measured by Gross Financial Liabilities) in the OECD. Furthermore, Australia is a tempting foreign investment target with one of the strongest property markets in the world and a temptation that should be indulged in!


This visa is a permanent residence visa. You will be able to travel in and out of Australia for five years.


You might be able to get this visa if you:

  • have maintained a designated investment of AUD $XXXXXXXXXX (various programs available) for four years.

Other Costs

You might have to pay other costs, such as the costs of health assessments, police certificates, or any other certificates or tests. You are responsible for making the necessary arrangements.

  • Have a realistic commitment to continue a business or investment activity
  • Health Report
  • Bio matrix
  • Police verification
  • Character verification
  • Business investment record (i.e. BANK STATEMENT) (i.e BANK STATEMENT )

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